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ITS Response to COVID-19

Updated 6/8/20:  Adobe Creative Cloud (#5)

Past updates:  4/8/20 - Working Remotely (#4); 3/26/20 - Working Remotely (#4) & Hardware Needs (#8);  3/24/20 - Hardware Needs (#8); 3/23/20 - VPN (#2), Adobe Creative Cloud (#5), and Virtual Labs (#6)

  1. Limited Helpdesk Hours: Helpdesk hours are subject to change. The Helpdesk Hours page will reflect these changes.

    Helpdesk support is available via a ticket, email helpdesk@middlebury.edu, Zoom, or phone (802) 443-2200 VT and (831) 647-6656 CA. Please Zoom or call to schedule a visit if needed.

  2. Virtual Private Network (VPN):  Our VPN capacity was increased on 3/21/20 but this remains a shared resource with finite capacity.  If you need to utilize VPN to access a campus resource please disconnect from VPN when you’re not actively using it to ensure others can connect successfully when needed.  The new Nasuni Web Access service may reduce your need for VPN for Middfiles and Miisfiles access; see the next entry below.
  3. Access to MiddFiles: We have a new service, Nasuni Web Access, that enables access to Middfiles without a VPN connection.  Simply visit http://go.middlebury.edu/webaccess then use your full username@middlebury.edu to log in.  Please try this method as an alternative to using VPN to access Midd/Miis files.  ITS is working to offer other software like Stata without the need for VPN; look for updates on this change. Links to Middfiles resources in the Course Hub have already been updated to use the Nasuni Web Access service.
  4. Working Remotely:  We are gathering resources for off-campus access and working remotely for your convenience.  Here are recent additions to note:

    a) Free or reduced-cost Internet and WiFi options, along with some related resources.  Refer to our collected details on Google to learn more.
    b) Zoom tips for running more secure meetings

  5. Adobe Creative Cloud:  Adobe Creative Cloud is now available to our students from off campus at no additional cost until July 6.  Adobe is closely monitoring the situation due to COVID-19 and may, at its sole discretion, modify the validity of the licenses.

    Please follow these instructions to enable access to Creative Cloud Desktop Apps on your personal device:

    a)  Visit https://creativecloud.adobe.com.
    b)  Enter your Middlebury email address (username@middlebury.edu format) when prompted, then click Continue.
    c)  Select Company or School Account.
    d)  From the Creative Cloud website, browse for then download your desired app.  Click Apps in the top of the page to view all apps.

    Adobe support can be found here: Help page.  

    Please note that faculty and staff continue to have the same access to Adobe installers as in the past; refer to our self service installation wiki page for details.

  6. Virtual Labs:  A new tool called Apporto is being prepared for use.  It provides access to virtual software and desktops through a web browser without the need for VPN or a desktop client. Refer to our service catalog listing of applications currently available through Apporto.

    The service is currently available, but we are making some final adjustments the week of 3/23/20.  To see the platform, visit https://middlebury.apporto.com then sign in with your Middlebury credentials.  See Apporto Info and Resources to learn more.

  7. Additional Software Needs:  If you have software needs which have not yet been addressed, please fill out our software and remote access needs via this form.
  8. Hardware Needs: ITS has suspended all in-person activities and is now only able to provide remote support.  We will not be able to fulfill all requests for physical equipment or repairs.  Peripheral equipment, like cables, headsets or webcams, should be purchased directly from online retailers but please understand that there may be some delay in shipping.  If you have an urgent need which prevents you from being able to participate in remote learning or work, please contact the helpdesk and we will do whatever we can to support you remotely.
  9. GO: All GO shortcuts work off-campus but you need to type the full domain to use them. For example: http://go.middlebury.edu/mail or http://go.miis.edu/mail.
  10. Information Security
    • Watch Out for Email and Phone Scams!
      During media intense events like the Coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19), cyber attackers take advantage of the situation by preying on our fears. They will try to scam you, or launch phishing attacks that attempt to get you to: disclose your credentials and personal and private information, click on malicious links, or open infected email attachments. Please remain vigilant! Here are some of the most common indicators that the email or phone call you received may be a scam, or worse. Please forward any suspected scam emails to phishing@middlebury.edu and contact infosec@middlebury.edu with any specific concerns.
    • Be Careful with Sensitive Data!
      A reminder to all Middlebury employees that restricted, confidential, and sensitive information related to Middlebury people and activities must not be stored on individual faculty, staff, or student employee computers, or personally-owned devices. Please keep all such data in  appropriate and secure Middlebury-provided services. Questions? Contact the ITS Helpdesk or Middlebury Information Security 
    • Secure Your Home Network and Stay Safe Online!
      A secure home network means you and your family can use the internet more safely. StaySafeOnline.org is an excellent online resource (powered by the National Cyber Security Alliance) which includes practical information about:

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