Middlebury Social Impact Corps

The Middlebury Social Impact Corps program connects students to social change with unique global internship opportunities. A select cohort of Middlebury College and MIIS graduate students are chosen and matched with a social enterprise or NGO for an eight-week summer internship. The experiential learning program focuses on six pillars: adaptability, commitment, inquiry, narrative, reflection, and partnership. In partnership with organizations, MSIC members gain knowledge, skills, and dispositions for purposeful careers in social impact.

The Middlebury Social Impact Corps (MSIC) scholars program is a partnership-based program for MIIS graduate students, focused on action research, partnership development, and mentorship in emerging market countries. The MSIC scholars program is overseen by MIIS faculty member Dr. Netta Avineri.

What makes Middlebury Social Impact Corps unique?

  • A selection of internship opportunities tailored to liberal arts and social change
  • Meaningful partnerships with host organizations deeply rooted in community
  • Mentoring throughout the internship by faculty members and practitioners
  • Predeparture training facilitated by social impact professionals
  • Profound engagement with local communities
  • World-class experiential learning opportunity to prepare students to become purposeful global citizens in the field of social impact

Training, Reflection, and Debrief:

A unique part of the MSIC program is the meaningful pre-departure training that the participants will participate in before leaving for their summer experience. The pre-departure training will include both in-person and virtual elements facilitated by Middlebury College and MIIS experts in the field of social impact, community and global development, and interculturality. Throughout the summer experience, participants will engage in regular reflection and inquiry and will participate in a narrative-based post-experience debrief upon return.

Program Cost

Internship cost is covered through acceptance into the Middlebury Social Impact Corps program. This includes extensive training, mentoring, and an ongoing student support system. Students will be financially responsible for travel to and from the host site. Students may apply for scholarships to offset travel expenses.

By participating in Middlebury Social Impact Corps, undergraduate interns will:

  • Experience an individualized role within a structured internship experience
  • Embody a set of team roles within a project-based curriculum
  • Complete deliverables associated with MSIC curriculum and host site job descriptions
  • Demonstrate understanding of their contribution to the mission of the host site, the Middlebury Social Impact Corps cohort, and the greater good of the community in which they are placed

Additionally, the MISC graduate scholars will:

  • Complete an action research project
  • Explore models of partnership for social impact
  • Demonstrate leadership & collaboration skills by engaging in intern & cohort mentorship
  • Reflect upon and explore their contribution to the mission of the host site, the MSIC cohort, and the greater good of the community in which they are placed

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