Get a head start on your master’s degree at the Middlebury Institute.

Plan ahead and apply your Study Away semester at the Middlebury Institute toward a Middlebury Institute graduate degree. By taking required courses during your Study Away semester, you’ll be able to use your courses toward your master’s degree, and in some cases, accelerate your degree.

Connect with us to learn more about how combining your undergraduate major with Study Away can help you get a head start on your Middlebury Institute master’s degree:  

For TESOL / TFL questions email Dr. Jason Martel, Program Chair at

For all other MIIS master’s degrees email Ms. Toni Thomas, Associate Dean for Academic Operations at

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Study Away: 100% of Demonstrated Need

When attending the Middlebury Institute for the Study Away semester, Middlebury College meets 100 percent of demonstrated financial need for current undergraduate students.

Graduate Degrees: $10K and $5K Affiliation Scholarships

The Middlebury Institute guarantees $10,000 scholarships for alumni of any Middlebury degree program and their extended family members. Past participants in nondegree Middlebury programs like study abroad and the Language Schools are eligible for a $5,000 scholarship.

You may also receive additional merit and/or need-based scholarships.

Second Language Proficiency

Proficiency in a second language is a requirement for the MA in Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies degree program and optional for the MA in International Policy and Development, MPA, and MA in International Environmental Policy. We recommend that you’ve completed the equivalent of one year or more of college-level language study before your first semester.

Learn more about language study at the Middlebury Institute.

Application Deadlines for Graduate Degrees

Application deadlines and instructions are available for degree programs.

The Institute offers fall admission for all degree programs and spring admission for select programs. Refer to your program of interest homepage for information on spring admission. For start dates, visit the academic calendar.


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