COVID-19: Essential Information

Cancelling an Event

As soon as you decide to cancel an event:

  1. Immediately contact Event Management to cancel your reservation and free up the space for other uses. Event Management will send a cancellation notice to service providers as needed. Releasing the space will automatically remove the event from the campus calendar if it was publicized.
  2. ASAP contact your caterer directly to prevent food from being ordered and prepared unnecessarily. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the change or cancellation policies of each caterer
  3. If the Helpdesk has issued a ticket for Media Services support, be sure to close your ticket.
  4. If you have arranged for any special support from Public Safety, confirm the cancellation with them.
  5. If you publicised your event in Presence, please remove the event from that platform as well.

Failure to notify may result in charges for previously arranged goods and services.