About Library and Information Services

We've organized this section of our site to provide a view into how LIS is organized, how we prioritize our work, our planning process, and the range of services that we provide.

Administration: the membership of the LIS administrative team

Organization Chart: a .pdf of the areas and workgroups of LIS

Services: a high-level description of the major services that we provide

Mission and Values:  Our department mission statement and values

Strategic Direction and Goals:  What Middlebury College needs from LIS

Goals FY2014: a list of LIS goals for FY2014 and beyond

Priorities: a working document that lists the top projects taking place within LIS

Teams: membership and charges of the cross-functional, matrix teams that provide some of our services

Blog: our regularly updated blog that provides an insider's view of what's going on within LIS

Annual Reports: our annual reports, along with other useful reports

Orientation Checklist for LIS Staff:  An orientation checklist for supervisors to go over with new LIS employees

Strategic Planning: an internal LIS (password protected) Goals document 


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