The programs sponsored by the Rohatyn Center for Global Affairs encompass six areas of global and international concern. Led by RCGA Faculty Fellows, these thematic programs host events that encourage discussion on a range of global topics, support courses in diverse majors and interdisciplinary programs, and help form the intellectual foundation for RCGA’s co-curricular programming.

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Global Economics

The RCGA Program on Global Economics explores how international and global economics have affected the world—its regions, countries, societies, and people—in the past and present, and how they may do so in the future.

Global Health and Medicine

The RCGA Program on Global Health and Medicine connects students with practitioners and scholars whose work bears on complex issues that affect the well-being of people worldwide. These include pandemics, health care infrastructure and health systems, as well as the cultural and sociopolitical aspects of contagion and public health, the linkages between health and development, the health consequences of conflict and prevention and treatment of sickness across cultures and societies, and innovative solutions to enhance global health.

Global and International History

The RCGA Program on Global and International History presents lectures, panels, workshops, etc., on important aspects of global and international history. Its presentations focus on relationships, connections, transfers, and movements between nations or regions of the world; they link historical events and developments to contemporary ones, and thereby employ the past to illuminate the present and future.  

Global Trends in Autocracy and Democracy

The RCGA Program on Global Trends in Autocracy and Democracy features lectures, panels, and workshops on the consolidation or erosion of democracy broadly understood. Key topics include democratic backsliding, democracy and autocracy promotion, elections and their integrity, and the social media/information landscape.

Power, Wealth, and Global Political Economy

The RCGA Program on Power, Wealth, and Global Political Economy seeks to promote dialogue between students, faculty, and policy experts in the field of global political economy in order to enhance understanding of how (1) economic instruments promote geopolitical goals, (2) national security strategies advance economic interests, (3) foreign policies—and foreign economic policies—influence global economic and political stability, and (4) external shocks such as pandemics can upend or call into question the policies, strategies, and instruments that states, societies, and people have relied on.

Security and Global Affairs

The RCGA Program on Security and Global Affairs features lectures, panels, and presentations on global security matters—from traditional issues of war and peace, to nontraditional security challenges in the realms of cyberspace, the environment, food security and beyond. The program examines the causal factors behind these threats over time and explores their possible solutions.

Global Anti-racism (active 2020-2022)

The RCGA Program on Global Anti-racism aimed to foster greater understanding of racism, its manifestations, consequences, and the movements that developed in opposition to it around the world. Why did the murder of George Floyd spark broad, passionate, multi-ethnic anti-racist movements far beyond US borders? How do these current movements mirror and differ from those of the past? Through a series of lectures and panels, this program explored these and related topics, bringing students, faculty, analysts of, and participants in these movements together in dialogue and exchange.

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