Science and mathematics are a vital and dynamic part of Middlebury’s liberal arts curriculum.

Science and Mathematics at Middlebury

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Students who want the best in STEM education will find it here, as well as a holistic education that fosters a deep and integrative approach to any field of study they choose. Middlebury’s science and math departments blend the high-tech facilities and cutting-edge research typically associated with larger universities with the collaborative learning atmosphere of a liberal arts college. With 11 departments and programs focused on math and both the physical and life sciences, Middlebury not only has a broad range of ways to study the sciences, it gives students the freedom to explore them all.

McCardell Bicentennial Hall
McCardell Bicentennial Hall

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Science and Mathematics News and Events

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  • Lunch with Nick Engelfried

    Join us for a casual, informal lunch conversation and networking with Nick Engelfried, author of “Movement Makers: How Young Activists Upended the Politics of Climate Change,” will share insights from investigating the dramatic rise of youth-led climate activism. Over the course of two decades, young people have propelled the climate crisis into the political spotlight, with Middlebury College playing a key role. Come learn how lessons gleaned from interviews with over 100 past and current leaders of the movement can inform our work fighting for a livable planet today.

    Hillcrest 200

    Closed to the Public

  • College Lands Master Plan Listening Session

    Middlebury College, under the leadership of the College Lands Advisory Committee, is crafting a master plan for the 3,000 acres of college lands in the Champlain Valley, and we are engaging a broad array of thought partners to help envision opportunities. Our public information-gathering will give us a broad view of values that our local communities and citizens perceive for these 3,000 acres. We are also interested in understanding organizational and individual visions and ideas, and look forward to hearing first-hand ideas about these lands.

    Kirk Alumni Center

    Open to the Public

  • Howard E. Woodin Environmental Studies Colloquium Series

    “The Rise of a Movement: How Young Activists Transformed Climate Politics” by Nick Engelfried, author of Movement Makers: How Young Activists Upended the Politics of Climate Change.

    Franklin Environmental Center, The Orchard-Hillcrest 103

    Open to the Public

  • Biology Thesis Presentations

    Elizabeth Toll
    “Deicing Salt Effects on Benthic Macroinvertebrate Community Composition in Burlington, VT”

    Isabella Conety
    “Pseudomonas dominates maple sap microbial communities across the maple sugaring season”

    A.J. Rossbach
    Flooding impacts on macroinvertebrate communities across an urban gradient in Burlington, VT

    Refreshments served.
    Sponsored by the Biology Department with support of Macy Fund

    McCardell Bicentennial Hall 216

    Open to the Public

  • Neuroscience Senior Thesis Presentations

    Stacey Grimaldo-Garcia
    “Development and Validation of a Novel Single Fly Assay with Video Tracking: An Advanced Tool for Exploring Memory and Perception in Drosophila melanogaster”

    Marina Lyon
    Factors that influence a shift in memory networks during spatial learning in rats.

    Refreshments served with sponsorship by the Neuroscience Program

    McCardell Bicentennial Hall 220

    Open to the Public