Biology at Middlebury provides students opportunities to explore the diversity of life within the tradition of a liberal arts education.

Our Courses

Biology courses cover topics across the field of biology while allowing for in-depth study of sub-disciplines. Students who choose to major or minor in biology take our two introductory courses: Ecology & Evolution and Cells & Genetics. Coursework beyond the introductory level provides depth by including taxon-based organismal courses, research methods courses, and other upper-level courses. Here are the Learning Goals for the biology major.

Biology students participate in a coral reef survey.
Biology students participate in a coral reef survey in the Bahamas.

Interdisciplinary Approach

Biology informs many aspects of our lives. As such Biology faculty are active participants in programs across the larger College curriculum: Environmental Science Program, Global HealthNeuroscience Program, and Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Program. Students interested in teaching at the elementary or secondary level a major or minor in Education Studies.

Students collecting river data in the field.

Related Programs

Biology Department faculty are active participants in the teaching of courses that are offered by these programs and supervise research students in each.

Environmental Studies

The Environmental Studies (ES) Program is of interest to students who wish to study the human relationship to the environment from many different directions. Students enrolled in the conservation biology focus of the ES Program automatically get joint major status with biology and ES.

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Molecular Biology and Biochemistry

The Molecular Biology and Biochemistry (MBBC) Program is for students who wish the opportunity to have an in-depth exploration of the flow and regulation of genetic information contained in DNA to its expression in the development and function of cells.

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The Neuroscience Program offers students the opportunity to explore the neural bases of behavior from multiple perspectives, including biology, psychology, and philosophy.

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