Computer Science is a rich and dynamic discipline that seeks to understand and use effectively the great potential of computing.

Computers and algorithmic problem solving have revolutionized the 20th and 21st centuries. Fields ranging from physics, chemistry, and biology to psychology, economics, and the arts not only increasingly utilize computational devices, but are also being transformed by computational thinking and algorithmic problem solving.

Computer science has been, and will continue to be, behind many of these advances. It is a rich and dynamic discipline that incorporates elements of mathematics, natural science, engineering, and philosophy, while simultaneously contributing back to all of these fields.

Welcome to New Faculty

Welcome to new faculty members Laura Biester and Philip Caplan!

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Why Computer Science?

Pursuing a major or minor in computer science will equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to participate in these exciting advances, and to be not only an observer, but a player in this digital age.

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We offer a wide variety of courses that integrate computer science into the liberal arts curriculum. The major provides students with a solid background in algorithmic reasoning, problem solving, design and organization of modern computers and programming languages, and the ability to apply computational thinking to different applications and problem domains.

Students from other disciplines who venture into the department for a course or two will also emerge with a deeper understanding not only of computer science, but of their own disciplines and how they have been impacted by computation and computational thinking. A student graduating with a Middlebury College computer science major will be well equipped to create that impact, as we weave through the 21st century.

Faculty and Students

The Computer Science Department offers a flexible major in computer science as well as a minor. Many of our students opt to pursue a double or joint major with another discipline, including physics, economics, mathematics, and others.

The department currently has 12 full-time faculty members and two assistants in instruction. Many are involved in ongoing projects and they often involve students as well.

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Get Involved

There are lots of ways to stay involved in all thing Computer Science beyond the classroom.

Middle Endian Club

Middle Endian is a computer science club at Middlebury, with a name that plays on the concept of endianness: the order in which numbers are stored in bytes. The mission is to strengthen the Middlebury computer science community through events and gatherings around campus.

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Women in Computer Science

Women in Computer Science++ is a student organization at Middlebury. By hosting meetings, social events, and guest speakers, they aim to spark interest in computer science through increasing visibility of programmers from historically underrepresented groups.

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