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Transitioning to Remote Teaching Support from DLINQ

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Fall 2020 Course Modality Descriptions

Recent Teaching Tips - Including Teaching in a Socially Distance Classroom

5 Low-Tech, Time-Saving Ways to Teach Online During Covid-19

Making Opt-In Letter Grades More Equitable

Connected Learning and Teaching in the Virtual Classroom

Tutoring Services Available to Support Your Students

Peer and professional tutoring have transitioned to remote support. Details can be found on the tutoring services page.

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Middlebury's Fall 2020 Planning FAQ

Faculty COVID-19 FAQs (main Middlebury COVID-19 response Google doc) includes information related to remote teaching, travel, and events. A categorized version is coming soon at

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Faculty Resources

Teaching and learning are central to the mission of Middlebury College, a residential learning community that educates students within the tradition of the liberal arts. We emphasize reflection, discussion, and intensive interactions between students and faculty members.

We believe that teaching is a craft, a set of skills and approaches that can continually be refreshed and enhanced. CTLR is here to work with all faculty to advance their teaching and scholarship through a wide variety of programs, services, and opportunities.

A variety of campuswide faculty resources can be found in the following areas:

CTLR Programs Supporting Faculty

Learning Resources
Collaborates with faculty to design innovative, effective teaching environments, and refine workload and time management for strategic syllabi development. Supports initiatives for students at academic risk and experiencing learning challenges.

Foreign Language Tutoring
STEM and Quantitative Skills

Writing Center
Each provide student academic support in collaboration with faculty for subjects or courses through tutoring, course embedded mentors, and initiatives for student academic success.

Undergraduate Research
Provides support and funding for faculty scholarship, experiential teaching and student mentorship through research assistants, senior work and academic travel initiatives.

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Academic Support Resources for Your Students