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The Theatre Department invites you to audition for the Faculty and Student Productions of Spring 2021. Auditions will be held on Thursday, January 21, 2021 from 6-9pm ET on Zoom. If you are interested but unable to attend on Thursday, we will also accept recorded auditions.

For the audition please prepare a 45-90 second monologue, ideally memorized. If you do not have a monologue, you can find options HERE and non-binary monologues HERE. No experience required.

Please sign up HERE for an audition time, and fill out this FORM in advance (you must be signed into the Gollege's G-Suite account to access).

All students are welcome to audition for the following projects:

  • Giants Have Us In Their Books and other Short Works by Jose Rivera, directed by Alex Draper

    • 8-12 actors, all genders, ethnicities, abilities welcome (1 Latinx male-identified required)

    • An evening of short plays in which Rivera applies his “profuse and sometimes self-consciously fantastical stew of magical realism” to the creation of fables for grown-ups, resulting in “compelling, entertaining and provocative theatre” (San Francisco Examiner).

    • Read the Rivera scripts

  • Everybody by Brandon Jacob-Jenkins, directed by Olga Sanchez Saltveit

    • 9-25 actors, all genders, ethnicities, abilities welcome

    • This modern riff on the 15th Century morality play Everyman follows "Everybody" as they travel down a road toward life's greatest mystery. Who will come with them? The New York Times calls Branden Jacob-Jenkins "one of this country’s most original and illuminating writers."

    • Read Everybody

The available roles in the following projects are non-credit bearing, and in most cases involve a shorter time commitment than the faculty productions: 

  • Writer’s Block by David Strauss, senior work in directing by Raffi Barsamian 

  • Untitled, senior work in playwriting by Tre Stephens

  • Happy by Robert Caisley, senior work in acting for Bair Lambert, independent (500) directing project for Ryan Kirby

  • Echo Chamber of a Modern Woman, senior work in playwriting by Emily Ma, independent directing project for Cole Merrell


Are there roles for BIPOC, differently-abled, gender-non-conforming, and other actors representing the diversity of our human experience? 


What is the time commitment for these projects?

Acting in a faculty-directed show is a big time commitment, particularly as we get closer to the actual performances, when everyone is needed at all final rehearsals. Rehearsals begin at the beginning of spring semester, and are held weekday evenings and on Sundays. 

Acting in student-directed shows is not as big a time commitment, but also requires everyone’s attendance at rehearsals as the performance times approach. Each student-directed project has its own self-determined schedule.

What happens in an audition?

You’ll be introduced to all the directors and then perform your monologue. There may be some questions and/or feedback, but it won’t last longer than five minutes, and then you’re free to go!

What happens after the audition?

You will receive notification about callback auditions that will happen on the weekend of January 23-24. These auditions will be directly related to one of the two faculty-directed plays. If you are not called back, you may still be contacted for one of the student-directed shows.

Do I have to register for a class in the spring to participate in these shows?

Only for faculty directed shows. If you are cast and accept the role offered, please register for THEA 0220 A (Giants Have Us In Their Books) or THEA 0220 B (Everybody).

How can I participate in the productions, but not as an actor?

Stage managers and assistant stage managers, please contact Alex Draper and Olga Sanchez Saltveit for information on how to participate.

If you are interested in the technical side of productions (set, lights, projections, props, sound and costumes, consider registering for the Production Studio class, and/or reach out to:

Costumes: Mira Veikley, Carol Wood, Robin Foster Cole

Sets/lights/projections/props/sound: Mark Evancho, Allison Rimmer, Jim Dougherty, Courtney Smith

Department of Theatre

Mahaney Arts Center
72 Porter Field Road
Middlebury College
Middlebury, VT 05753