The performing arts are central to Middlebury’s life and culture. Students have a multitude of facilities available for their use, including a design lab with drafting, plotters, and rendering stations, two scene and costume shops, a lighting lab equipped with a grid and an ETC Ion console, and acting labs. Venues include Wright Memorial Theatre, Seeler Studio Theatre, and Hepburn Zoo Theatre. 

Wright Memorial Theatre

Seeler Studio Theatre

The Seeler Studio Theatre in the Mahaney Arts Center.
The Seeler Studio Theatre is a modern black-box theatre with flexible seating for up to 165 audience members, a full catwalk system, and a fully equipped shop adjacent to it.


Hepburn Zoo Theatre

The Hepburn Zoo Theatre is a student-run blackbox theatre that was established in the early 1970s in order to provide an informal performing space for students interested in mounting their own theatre productions and other types of performances.

This venue hosts a variety of performances ranging from full plays to concerts to radio theatre to the 24-Hour Play Festival and more.

Costume Shop

The Costume Shop provides costumes for productions on and off campus. We are the stewards of an enormous collection of hats, shoes, jewelry, garments, masks, and accessories. These items are primarily used for productions during the academic year (faculty and student shows) and the Summer Language Schools, but they may also be rented or borrowed by others.

Rehearsal Spaces

Rehearsal Spaces: MAC 232, Sunderland Basement.

During the semester starting every week on Monday at 8:30 a.m., theatre students can reserve space via email for the current week including the weekend. Before sending a reservation request, please check availability here: MAC 232, Sunderland Basement

  • Submit your requests to Mirjam at by 2:00 p.m. on Thursday. Late requests may not get scheduled as Mirjam’s inbox does not get monitored outside her working hours.
  • For Friday–Sunday rehearsal needs that have not been scheduled in advance, use the sign-up sheets posted on the bulletin board next to MAC 232. The sheets go up Thursday afternoon.
  • You may sign up for one hour at a time. Students who prepare for their 500/700 projects may request two-hour slots in Sunderland Basement only.
  • Please show up on time and finish a few minutes early for clean-up at the end of your session. We expect that you leave the room in good condition and return furniture to the walls.