The artist-scholar. That is the animating principle behind Middlebury Theatre, where students immerse themselves in all aspects of theatre making and in the rigorous study of theatre’s many histories, theories, practices, and literatures.

Through a process that is both creative and collaborative, students delve into the latest movements in theatre design, acting, stage management, playwriting, and directing. 

At its core, the department aims to be an artistic home where students reimagine traditional distinctions and strive to become innovators and collaborators, capable of shaping our culture.

Interdisciplinary Curriculum

The Theatre Department offers a diversity of courses designed to provide a balance between the study of history, literature, and theory, and the making of theatre.   

Theatre itself is inherently interdisciplinary, and our students enjoy exploring connections between classes offered in dramatic literature, visual creativity, the creative process, playwriting, acting (improvisation, scene study, acting styles), directing, set design, lighting design, and costume design. As a program in a liberal arts setting, students also reference classes taken outside the discipline in order to provide depth and context.

Dogteam Theatre Project

Introducing The Dogteam Theatre Project

The Dogteam Theatre Project provides transformative experiences for emerging and professional artists, creating meaningful theatrical engagements for diverse audiences. Among its programs, the Dogteam Theatre Project provides training opportunities for emerging theatre artists in all realms of the field, including but not limited to acting, directing, playwriting, and design disciplines. The Dogteam Theatre Project produces theatrical works, including works in translation, reflecting the stories of our more connected world.


The Seeler Studio Theatre in the Mahaney Arts Center.

Our Facilities

The performing arts are central to Middlebury’s life and culture. Students have a multitude of facilities available for their use, including a design lab with plotters, drafting, and rendering stations, two scene and costume shops, a lighting lab equipped with a grid and an ETC Ion console, and acting labs. Venues include Wright Memorial Theatre, Seeler Studio Theatre, and Hepburn Zoo Theatre. 


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Seeler Studio Theatre

The Seeler Studio Theatre is a modern black-box theatre with flexible seating for up to 165 audience members, a full catwalk system, and a fully-equipped shop adjacent to it. 

Wright Memorial Theatre

Wright Memorial Theatre is a 350-seat proscenium theatre with a full fly system, lighting grid, and removable fore stage. It is adjacent to a fully equipped scene shop. 

Learning Spaces

- Rehearsal Studios
- Design Studios
- Lighting Lab
- Scene Shops
- Costume Shops
- Hepburn Zoo Theatre

Featured Events

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  • Pink writing on a maroon background, with three faces superimposed on the clouds and people lined up on steps leading to a domed building

    A Hundred Circling Camps

    By Sam Collier ’09, directed by Rebecca Wear ’10.5

    Join the The Dogteam Theatre Project for an Open Rehearsal of this world premiere production before it travels to NYC!

    Wright Theatre

    Open to the Public

  • Light blue text on a dark blue background and a person holding an envelope and a key

    La Viuda

    By María Irene Fornés, directed and translated by Olga Sanchez Saltveit

    Join the The Dogteam Theatre Project for an Open Rehearsal of this world premiere production before it travels to NYC!

    Wright Theatre

    Open to the Public

  • Auditions for the 29th Annual First Show

    Never been on a stage at Middlebury? Then this is for YOU! Get ready to showcase your talent in this fast-paced, ensemble production directed by our Artist in Residence faculty member, Ashley Nicole Baptiste. Come prepared with a 1-2 min monologue that represents you as an actor. You will be cast in scenes based on your audition.
    Backed by a team of passionate student designers and crew, this production offers an exciting opportunity to dive into the vibrant world of the Theatre Department.

    Mahaney Arts Center 232

    Closed to the Public

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