Jonathan Vandenberg

Visiting Assistant Professor of Theatre

Phone: work802.443.5348
Office Hours: Tuesday & Thursday 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
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Jonathan Vandenberg is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Theatre at Middlebury College. After receiving an MFA in Directing from Columbia University, he co-founded Ashes Company in New York, 2010. He is engaged in a distinctive exploration of performative forms amalgamating a range of arts - theatre, sound, architecture, movement, sculpture, image - to reach spectators. He has conceived and directed The Crossing of the Visible, The Kingdom, Oresteia, Kafka Parables, and designed the installation Tantalus. He was a 2012 Resident Artist with Mabou Mines. In 2011, he collaborated with director Robert Woodruff on Festenmacher with NYU Graduate Drama. His work has also been presented by Center for Performance Research, Representation Theatre of Taipei, Magic Theatre, New Langton Arts, The Internationalists’ Around the World in 24 Hours Festival, and the San Francisco Theatre Festival. He has held teaching positions at Columbia University, Middlesex County College, and Classic Stage Company.



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ARDV 0116 - The Creative Process      

The Creative Process
In this course, students will have the opportunity to dig deeply into their own creativity and explore the processes by which ideas emerge and are given shape in the arts. The experiential nature of this course integrates cognition and action, mind and body. Students will engage a range of modes of discovering, knowing, and communicating, which are designed to push them beyond their present state of awareness and level of confidence in their creative power. Practical work will be closely accompanied by readings and journaling, culminating with the creation and performance of a short project. (First- and second-year students only; Not open to students who have taken FYSE 1364) 3 hrs. lect.


Fall 2014, Spring 2015

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THEA 0102 - Acting I: Beginning Acting      

Acting I: Beginning Acting
Rigorous physical and psychophysical exercises attempt to break through the cultural and psychological barriers that inhibit an open responsiveness to impulses, to the environment, and to others. Attempt is made to free personal response within improvised scenes and, eventually, within the narrative structure of a naturalistic scene. Attention is given to various theories of acting technique. Students are expected to audition for departmental shows. (First- and second-year students only) 3 hrs. lect./individual labs


Spring 2015

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THEA 0208 - Theatre History      

Theatre History
Using the dramatic text as the primary focus, this course will chart the progression of theatre from its ritualistic origins to the advent of modern drama. This survey will include an overview of theatrical architecture, the evolution of design and acting styles, and the introduction of the director. Since theatre does not exist in a void, a consideration of the social, cultural, political, and scientific milieu of each era studied will be included in the course. 2 1/2 hrs. lect./discussion & 1 screening per week


Fall 2014

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