Standardized Tests

What Is Required?

Middlebury College requires applicants to submit standardized testing, but there is some flexibility in our testing policy. Students must submit either the SAT I, the ACT, or three SAT II Subject Tests in different academic disciplines (Math I and Math II, for example, do not qualify as two distinct Subject Tests).  It is the candidate's responsibility to have all his/her scores sent to Middlebury from the appropriate testing service or to confirm that scores appear on his or her official school transcript.

Middlebury will “super score” standardized test results—we will accept the highest score from each section of the SAT, the ACT or SAT II Subject Tests, regardless of sitting, and sum the best scores across sittings of the same test.  We do not combine results from different forms of testing—i.e. results from the SAT I and from SAT II Subject Tests.

Students applying to Middlebury may use the College Board’s Score Choice option, but we encourage applicants to submit all sittings of their standardized tests since our policy uses a student’s highest individual section scores regardless of sitting.


Early Decision I: latest test results accepted are the October test dates for both the SAT and ACT

Early Decision II and Regular Decision (and ED I applicants deferred to Regular Decision): latest test results accepted are December for both SAT and ACT

Important update, Fall 2015: Middlebury is aware that some standardized test results have been delayed.  The test results in question should be available for consideration when we evaluate Early Decision I applications, even if the scores come in after our November 1 deadline.  We will accept self-reported scores in the meantime, and will receive the official score reports when they are available.  Please note that Middlebury does not require the ACT writing test, so if applicants have other ACT scores to self-report, they should do so now and not wait for the ACT writing results to come in.

We want to reassure students that we will consider their ED I applications with whatever test scores we currently have.  If we must delay making an ED I decision based on missing information, then we will reach out to individual applicants.  We wish you all the best!

How Important Are Test Scores?

While standardized test scores are used in evaluating applicants’ academic profiles, they are not the defining element in our decisions. Middlebury’s Admissions Office is aware that a range of factors can affect test scores, including socioeconomic background, test preparation, schooling, and financial and educational resources. We also recognize that many students will not be in a position to take multiple tests.

Our admissions process is a holistic one in which all factors are weighed.  So, a student’s essay, teacher recommendations, co-curricular activities, personal background and story, and unique individual characteristics are all important to us; ours is not exclusively a numbers-driven process.

The New SAT

The College Board has announced a new SAT I, set to debut in March of 2016.  We will accept results from both the “old” SAT and the “new” one, but we will not “super score” scores across the different versions of the test. 

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