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Each year, students from more than 70 other countries, as well as all 50 states in the U.S., come together at Middlebury to share the diverse backgrounds and experiences that make learning here so rewarding and life here so rich.

Currently, 15% of our students carry an international passport or have grown up outside of the U.S. We invite you to consider what you might gain from coming to Middlebury, and what you might contribute to others who, like yourself, seek the lessons that can be offered by a truly international community.


Please review the following requirements for international applicants. Some of the information requested may not pertain to all international educational systems, so candidates should ask their secondary school administrators to forward all appropriate transcripts, standardized tests and recommendations to the Admissions Office.


Middlebury requires all applicants to submit either the Common Application or the Coalition Application.

Standardized Tests

Students who apply as first-years or transfers, beginning with those entering in fall 2021, have the option of applying under a test-optional policy. 

Students who wish to do so may submit their standardized testing to be considered in the application review process.

For more information, read Middlebury’s policy regarding standardized tests.

English Language Proficiency Requirements

Your life at Middlebury will involve an education that emphasizes reflection, discussion, and intensive interactions with your classmates and professors. Your critical thinking and expression will be sharpened in the classroom and in your everyday activities, in your writing and in small discussion-based classes. Middlebury does not, however, provide classes for English language learners so we do require proof of your ability to communicate in English at a highly proficient level.

To demonstrate your proficiency in English communication, Middlebury will accept results from the TOEFL IBT, IELTS or Duolingo’s English Test (DET). Middlebury has no minimum score that would automatically eliminate an application. The average TOEFL score for matriculating students is 109. For IELTS, successful candidates typically receive a score of 7.5 or higher. 

Middlebury will waive the English Language Proficiency requirement for students whose native language is English or for students whose high school curriculum is conducted entirely in English for all three or four years. We will also waive the testing requirement for students taking IB English A.

Middlebury expects that students will be ready to engage and discuss complex topics in their classrooms and with their peers in order to fulfill the college’s mission to contribute to community and address the world’s most challenging problems. As a result, international applicants are strongly recommended to submit materials from InitialView or Vericant in order to demonstrate their communication skills. These companies conduct unscripted conversations and proctor open-ended writing samples. You can learn more about InitialView at and Vericant at

Financial Aid

Middlebury meets 100% of the demonstrated financial need of any student we admit, U.S. or international. Middlebury is need-aware in its admission of international students. International students seeking financial assistance must apply for aid at the time of applying for admission to Middlebury, and by the deadlines indicated on our website. Applications for financial assistance from international students submitted after admission to Middlebury will not be accepted, nor will they be accepted for any of their four years of enrollment at Middlebury. The Office of Student Financial Services has additional information and resources regarding financial assistance for international students.

Read more about the affordability of a Middlebury education.

Alumni Interviews

An interview is not required and represents one of many factors taken into consideration in our admissions decision. A limited number of alumni representatives are available outside of the United States, and candidates may be contacted at our discretion by a local representative once an application is filed.

Our International Travel Schedule

Representatives from the Admissions Office may be visiting your school or one near you during the next few months. Counselors will not be able to grant personal interviews, but will offer a group presentation which should answer most of your questions. We have posted a current schedule of confirmed visits, but you should always check with the school’s counseling office or career center to verify the time and date.

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