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Four Middlebury College Seniors to Share Dance Concert

April 1, 2012

Sarah Chapin, Alicia Evancho, James Moore, and Alexandra Vasquez Present “Consequence” on April 20 and 21

seniorthesisconcert-dance-april2011Middlebury, VT—Middlebury College senior dance majors Sarah Chapin, Alicia Evancho, James Moore, and Alexandra Vasquez will showcase their culminating work in performance and choreography in a joint concert on Friday and Saturday, April 20 and 21 at the Mahaney Center for the Arts. Consequence: The Senior Dance Concert taps into the creativity and passion of a diverse pool of young choreographers. The result, both edgy and accessible, is an emotionally charged evening of work that ranges from the subtle to the spectacular, tackling questions of madness, joy, grief, surveillance, and survival.

In both zealous group work and a vigorous solo, Sarah Chapin explores ideas of risk, agency, and dynamism with Sophia D’Ignazio ’12, Amy Donahue ’13.5, Cameron McKinney ’14, Phil Palmer ’12, and Sarae Snyder ’15. Pushing the boundaries of stamina with dynamic physicality, determined will, and fierce joy, Chapin’s work crosses the liminal space between inner and outer, emerging unexpectedly to intertwine the architecture of the body with the architecture of an unorthodox performance space. In an impressionistic, clockwork amalgam of movement, these dancers enliven, uplift, and interact with their encircling audience.

Alicia Evancho presents a solo that blurs boundaries—between dance and theatre, between speech and movement, between safe and vulnerable, between sane and insane. Evancho has also choreographed The Unblinking Eye, a trio for Davis Anderson ’13, Amy Donahue ’13.5, and Doug LeCours ’15 that investigates the implications of surveillance and control, drawing upon her background as a joint theatre-dance major to convey both the struggle and liberation present in a world where we are constantly watched.

James Moore, a dance and English joint major, paints a surreal landscape to reveal the full spectrum of human emotion in a fierce and haunting piece that explores the relationship of individuals to each other. As part of his thesis in poetry, Moore tells parallel stories that weave together mythology and personal history with dancers Cameron McKinney ’14, Jill Moshman ’14, Hannah Pierce ’13, and Alex Siega ’13. Using movement sourced from memories and words, the work is a study in what happens in the moments before and after a catastrophe. With surgical precision, Moore uses images of anatomy and decay to sterilize themes of death while also bringing a sharp awareness to the gravity of living.

Alexandra Vasquez, a dance major and sociology minor, will present choreography based on her research in what it means to be vulnerable, to perform in front of others, and to release emotions usually suppressed. She will present an improvisational solo and two group works with dancers Sarah Bachman ’13.5, Lilah Leopold ’13.5 and Rachel Nunez ’14. Drawing upon her interest in musical composition, her work will also include choreography to an original score.


Combining the disparate styles and interests of these four seniors, Consequence is a concert that illustrates both the students’ individuality and their common training. While from different majors and backgrounds, what these choreographers share is a deep and abiding fascination with how, under varied circumstances, human beings and bodies transform. These young artists present a diversity that promises an engaging show—one that will be in turns haunting and joyful, unsettling and uplifting, meditative and moving.

Consequence: The Senior Dance Concert will be performed on Friday and Saturday, April 20and 21, 2012, at 8:00 p.m., in the Dance Theatre of the Kevin P. Mahaney ’84 Center for the Arts. The Mahaney Center is located on the Middlebury College campus, at 72 Porter Field Road in Middlebury, just off Route 30 south. Admission is $12 for general admission; $10 for faculty, staff, alumni, and children under 12; and $6 for students. For tickets, call (802) 443-MIDD (6433) or go to


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