Language Schools Learning Goals & Outcomes

Immersion students will:
  • Make substantial progress in language proficiency, generally equivalent to one year of rigorous undergraduate study. Depending on the language studied, upon completion of each level, students are expected to achieve proficiency falling within the following ranges aligned with ACTFL/CEFR standards*:

            Level 1: Novice High to Intermediate Low/A2+ to B1

            Level 2: Intermediate Mid to Intermediate High/B1+ to B2

            Level 3: Intermediate High to Advanced Low/B2+

            Level 4: Advanced Low to Advanced High/C1

  • Develop pragmatic socio-cultural competence to allow them to communicate effectively and appropriately in a wide range of situations and environments.
  • Acquire an overview of various cultural aspects of communities around the world where the language of study is spoken; comprehend and parse key cultural discourses; and recognize and manipulate key cultural metaphors.

* Consult individual language webpages for detailed information about levels and proficiency goals.

Graduate students will:
  • Be able to communicate their knowledge (written and spoken) at an advanced level in the language of study, which will allow them to be able to present their academic work in an academic or professional setting.
  • Develop in-depth knowledge in an area of study in the humanities or social sciences.
  • Be able to conduct original research in their chosen area of study or discipline.

For those students who pursue the Pedagogy Track

  • Develop competency in methods of teaching second-language acquisition.