Two-Week French School Graduate Alumni Program Application

Application deadline

May 1, 2015

Online Application

In the online application, please select:

  • Application #2: "6-week graduate studies program, summer only" (either nondegree graduate or MA student).
  • Under "Program Selection," choose French 2-week Grad Alumni Program from the drop-down menu. Beneath this question, in the section marked "semesters of formal study...," please note Audit or Credit.
Application Fee

The application fee is waived for alumni of all of the Language Schools. To proceed with the online application, select "Pay later" but do not submit payment.

Additional Information

Please submit a statement of no more than 500 words (in English) in which you describe:

  • the dates you attended the French School and degree(s) awarded
  • your full name at the time you attended
  • how you learned about the 2-week Alumni program
  • how you have been using your French since you last attended the French School
  • any additional information that you think might be of interest to us
Online Language Assessment (optional)

If you are unsure of your current French level and would like to be sure that you are ready for participation in this graduate program, you may ask to complete the online placement exam. Please contact the program coordinator for instructions.

Address for Submitting Materials

French School
14 Old Chapel Road
Middlebury College
Middlebury, VT 05753

Please Note: If you would rather register through the mail or by phone, you may contact Sheila Schwaneflugel at or 802.443.5526 for assistance.

The Betty Ashbury Jones MA ’86 School of French

Sunderland Language Center
Middlebury College
P: 802.443.5526
F: 802.443.2075

Mailing address
Betty Ashbury Jones MA ’86 School of French
14 Old Chapel Road
Middlebury College
Middlebury, VT  05753

Sheila Schwaneflugel, Coordinator