How does the DML differ from a PhD?

As compared to a PhD, the key points that characterize the DML degree are:

1. A DML is interdisciplinary (two languages, plus competency in the areas of literature, civilization and linguistics and language pedagogy).

2. The DML has a special emphasis on teaching (language, literature, civilization, linguistics).

3. The DML dissertation is written in the principal DML language (not English).

4. The DML requires residency abroad.

These elements make the DML an excellent alternative to the PhD for students who want to complete a rigorous study program that combines intensive language study with advanced graduate course work (ideal for students who work full-time during the normal academic year), and for students who want to focus on teaching in secondary and higher education, or on educational administration.

May I start the program before I have the required proficiency in the second DML language?

All DML applicants must complete placement exams and undergo oral interviews in both of their DML languages as a part of the applicant process. Only students who have demonstrated doctoral-level proficiency in both the first and second DML languages will be admitted to the program.

May I be accepted to the program with an MA in a field other than the primary DML language (i.e. M.A.T., M.Ed.)?

An applicant may, with the approval of the Dean of Language Schools and the L1 Director, substitute an MA in a related field, such as comparative literature or linguistics, as long as he/she has the necessary linguistic proficiency. It is expected that the MA language will become the principal DML language. You must submit a complete application for review in order to receive a decision on the acceptability of the MA degree.

May I transfer credits from other institutions?

DML candidates may apply up to three units (courses) of transfer credit in their principal DML language to their Middlebury degrees. No transfer credit is accepted in the secondary language. Candidates wishing to transfer credit should request Transfer of Credit Forms from their School Coordinators. If courses are approved for transfer, the candidate will receive written approval in advance from the Language Schools Registrar for each course they intend to transfer.

May I direct-enroll in one of Middlebury’s partner institutions abroad and transfer in these courses?

No. While enrolled in the DML program, students must apply to study with the Middlebury Schools Abroad at that site to take courses at one of our partner institutions.

May I use periods of residency abroad prior to admission to satisfy the residency abroad requirement?

Residency abroad within 10 years prior to admission to the DML program may be used to satisfy the requirement with the written approval of the L1 Director and the Dean of Language Schools.

In addition to an MA in my first language, I have an MA from Middlebury in my second language. Does this MA exempt me from course work in my second language?

Yes. Students may fulfill the second language requirement in one of two ways:

(1) They may complete three advanced graduate courses at the L2 Language School on the Vermont, Mills, Paris, or Buenos Aires campus.

(2) They may complete an MA at Middlebury in the second language.

I am a native speaker of my first language. How does this affect my residency abroad requirement?

Students who are native speakers of their principal DML language are strongly encouraged to complete the residency requirement in a country where their secondary DML language is spoken.

What are the career prospects for students and alumni of the DML program?

Among current students in the DML program, there are:
9 secondary teachers
29 college/university language instructors
2 senior lecturers
6 assistant/associate professors
1 in a college/university administrative position

Among 45 alumni of the DML program who identified occupations, there are:
24 college/university language instructors
11 assistant/associate professors
4 professors
1 dept. chair
1 dean
4 in college/university administrative positions

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