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FREN 3305 - Topics in French Language      

From one language to the other. This course aims to improve students' oral skills through an intense theatrical practice. Through reading and acting, students will work on their comprehension and interpretative skills, as well as their confidence, ease and fluency in speaking the language.

Each class will focus on two ways of understanding a language : the technical side (relaxation, breathing, diction, articulation, body language ...) and the intellectual and emotional aspect (reading, analysis, discovery of texts and styles of expressions in the Francophone literary world).
Our work will be based on tree texts. Students will memorized part of them for the final show/examination.

Required Texts:
1. Gustave Akakpo: Habbat Alep. Ed. Lansman. ISBN 2-87282-543-6; 2. Marc-Antoine Cyr: Quand tu seras un homme. Quartett. ISBN 978-2-916834-16-0; 3. Kossi Efoui: Volatiles ISBN 2-84809-063-4. Editions Joca Seria.

Summer 2012, Summer 2013

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