Florian P. Croisé


Florian Croisé  teaches French as a foreign language at the Institute for American Universities in Aix en Provence, France  and also at Sciences Po Aix. He has taught in the French School since 2005 and is the 300-level coordinator.



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FREN 3307 - Images and Texts      

Around Sounds, Letters, and Words

Through the examination and use of authentic French materials we will focus on oral language (phonetics and communication). At the end of the session, students will be able to encode and decode the formal and informal levels of oral French. Through dictations, they will be able to master the relation between spelling and sounds. This course is the theoretical counterpart of the practical course 305.

Required Texts:
Le Petit Robert Micro, ISBN-10: 2321002131
Une fois pour toutes C2009 Student Edition (softcover), ISBN-10: 013361123X
Une fois pour toutes C2009 Student Answer Key, ISBN-10: 0133611213

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