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Anne Muxel is Research Director at CNRS and works at the CEVIPOF (Center for Political Research in Sciences Po Paris). She received a Doctorat de Sociology/Anthropologie Sociale et Culturelle at La Sorbonne /Université Paris V-René Descartes. The author of numerous publications in the field of political science and sociology, Dr. Muxel has headed numerous research and international projects, specifically on youth and politics, political participation, French elections, and family transmission. She has been a visiting professor in North America (NYU) and Japan (Tokyo University) and a key note speaker at numerous international conferences and symposia.  She is a member of the editorial board of the Revue Française de Sociologie, of the Scientific Committee of the French Association of Political Science. She is also a member of the board of directors of the Department of Political Science in Sciences Po Paris where she has taught since 1989. 



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FREN 3485 - Young People and Politics      

N.B. This course will be offered from June 30 to July 22, 2 hours a day

Youth is an intensive period of transaction during which individuals, in different ways, will enter adulthood and discover politics. Young people have to negotiate with their primary socialization, and especially with their family legacy, to make their own choices and to appropriate specific attitudes, behaviours and roles in this field. First of all, this course will give the opportunity to better understand this process and to study political identity during this period of life. Are young people in politics so different from their elders? Can we observe some generational characteristics? Are all young people politically similar? This course will also explore the different forms of politicization among the young. Are they interested? Do they vote and how do they vote? Are they engaged and how are they engaged? Lastly, working with different data, surveys and studies, this course will offer an overview of French political life today.

Required Text:
Anne Muxel, Avoir 20 ans en politique. Les enfants du désenchantement, Paris, Seuil, 2010, ISBN 978.

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FREN 6678 - Individual & Collective Memory      

N.B. This course will be offered from July 24 through August 15, 2 hours a day
*The Uses of the Past: Individual and Collective Memory*

Memory is a multifaceted concept that is often interchanged with other similar concepts and used as an equivalent: transmission, inheritance, tradition, history, and identity to cite the most obvious. But what is the specificity of memory? The principal aim of this course is to define the characteristics and functions of the different processes of remembering in both private and public spheres. The course focuses on two principal dimensions:
- Understanding individual familial memory and its role in the construction of social and personal identity
- Explaining the uses of collective memory and commemoration in contemporary democratic societies, and especially in France today
The general framework of the course is designed to integrate social and individual approaches to memory, drawing on a wide diversity of research and knowledge from the social sciences and history. It also develops broader approaches by analyzing examples from literature and cinema.

Required Text:
A.Muxel; ""Individu et mémoire familiale"", ISBN : 978-2-01-279318-7;Hachette, Collection Pluriel, 2007 Civ Cul & Soc

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