Middlebury Language School Graduate Programs


Housing in Paris - MA Students

M.A. students in Paris choose between an apartment or a residence hall/ foyer for their time abroad. During the summer session, students will have the opportunity to look at photos and read descriptions of the various possibilities, the majority of which have been written by former Middlebury School in Paris students and which outline the various advantages of a given housing situation, as well as offer hints or bits of advice.

Students should make an appointment during the summer in Vermont to see the housing coordinator and select an accommodation.  All students should complete the selection process before the end of the summer session--students may opt to secure housing in Paris as early as the beginning of July.

The School in France has contacts with about 70 hosts in the greater Paris metro area. We also have agreements with 6 student residence halls or foyers. All of the housing options have been evaluated and reviewed by former students and/or the Coordinator of Student Life.


Once you have received your housing assignment from Paris there are several steps which you must undertake to secure your spot:

During the summer in Vermont, students meet with the housing coordinator to choose from a selection of apartments throughout Paris. Typically, students live alone or with French or international roommates.

We will provide you with the application form and instructions how to wire your deposit. Expect to receive the admission intake form and instructions on how to send the deposit via e-mail from the School in France's Student Life Coordinator.

Reglement de principe
All students and their proprietor must read, sign and date the Reglement de principe and return it to Middlebury. This is an important housing agreement that outlines rules and responsibilities of both the student and the proprietor.