Middlebury Language School Graduate Programs


Graduate Summer Session in Middlebury, Vermont

Since 1916, the French School has brought motivated students and highly skilled teachers together on our idyllic Vermont campus for summers filled with the exploration of language and culture. The School boasts an intensive French-speaking environment inside and outside the classroom, during the day and—once you begin to dream in French—at night. The key to this experience is the famous engagement d'honneur, or Language Pledge, which requires students to speak only the language they are studying. The willingness to sign the Pledge is also a guarantee that all who apply are truly serious about their course of study and their personal motivation. This allows us to build a community of dedicated learners, creating the special atmosphere that is the hallmark of language study at Middlebury.

Guided by leading scholars in the world of French and Francophone studies, students explore the language, literature, civilization, pedagogy, culture, and history of the French-speaking world, from France to western and northern Africa, Francophone Canada, and the Caribbean. Participation in a variety of afternoon cocurricular activities is a vital component of the program; these are designed to work in conjunction with morning classes, enhancing cultural fluency, expanding vocabulary, and reinforcing grammatical patterns.

Two types of courses are offered in the graduate program: foundation courses which are designed to provide students with the linguistic, cultural and literary skills needed for further study, and specialized courses, which allow students to build upon the this foundation to acquire broader, more sophisticated knowledge.

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