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The School in Germany offers valuable academic experiences for both graduate and undergraduate students.Mandatory student advising sessions during on-site orientation will allow students to ask all the questions they might have and make sure their preliminary course-lists are approved for credit by the Director of the School in Germany.

Juniors at both sites may enroll for the Wintersemester, the Sommersemester, or the entire academic year. They enroll in four courses for credit each semester. Papers and/or examinations are required for all courses. Undergraduates will normally write three papers and take one exam per semester. All courses must be academic content courses. Undergraduates are required to take a minimum of one 'Proseminar' per semester.

When you select your courses at Johannes-Gutenberg Universität, you should keep in mind that a lecture course has to be completed with a written exam, which may limit the number of lectures you can take during your stay.

Middlebury College considers a semester or an academic year abroad as equivalent to a semester or an academic year in the United States. Middlebury College students receive 4 units of credit for one semester abroad, 5 units for one semester and one winter term, and 9 units for a full year. Undergraduates from other institutions should consult their home institution about credit transfer before enrolling. Typically, students who transfer credit to their home institutions receive 15-16 semester hours or 20-25 quarter hours per semester.

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Welcome to the online course catalogs of JoGu!

Since publishing dates for hardcopies and online-postings vary in every department, and the majority of departments decided to not publish hardcopies at all anymore, the link below provides the easiest access to the complete course offerings of JoGu. 

When composing your preliminary course-list, make sure you are in compliance with the requirements of the undergraduate or graduate program as outlined in your handbook. Since there are always last-minute changes and courses get cancelled shortly before the semester starts, you should pick about twice as many courses than you have to take for credit to make sure you have a selection to choose from in case a course gets cancelled or cannot be taken for any reason.

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