Student Life in Chile

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Students can participate in extra curricular activities such as sports and volunteer work. Many students have participated in soccer, frisbee, surfing, and skiing with their Chilean friends. There are also opportunities to volunteer in children´s shelters, teach English in elementary schools, and work on construction projects in shanty towns.

There will be one excursion toward the end of the semester. Previous groups have visited the Cemeneterio General de Santiago to learn about Chilean history, Villa Grimaldi (where some political prisoners were tortured during the dictatorship) to learn about human rights issues in Chile, and hiked a nearby mountain.

The program will match you with a Chilean student at your local university to help you navigate the system during your initial days. If you are in Chile for the fall semester, you will enjoy the national holidays of Chilean independence week; many universities do not observe more than a long Easter weekend during the spring semester.