View from bridge in Valdivia showing boats

Valdivia is a port city known for its unique architecture and natural beauty whose Spanish and German heritages combine to create a welcoming atmosphere, beautiful surroundings and some of the best cuisines in Chile.

The Universidad Austral de Chile, a private university, serves as the cultural center of Valdivia. Its 60-acre setting on the Isla Teja between the Calle-Calle, Cruces, and Cau-Cau rivers makes it an enviable location for the university’s excellent rowing program.

The university is located one mile from the center of town and transportation is readily available. The university boasts strong programs in ecology, marine biology, and forestry and offers a variety of liberal arts courses, including a faculty of fine arts.

For available courses, select from among the carreras on the list and then click on ver sitio.  Once on the carrera’s website, click on the Plan de Estudios icon on the right-hand side of the page to view the academic plan.

When reviewing course offerings, remembers that the odd-numbered semesters correspond with the spring semester in the U.S., while the even-numbered semesters correspond with the fall semester.