Villarrica (spring semester)

During the spring semester, students may choose to participate in the Sustainability and Society track at the Villarrica Campus of the Pontificia Universidad Católica in Vilarrica. This spring semester program is designed to give students the opportunity to explore the interconnected challenges of building resilience and generating sustainable societies through a holistic appreciation of social-ecological systems and by going beyond individual disciplines to gain a broader understanding of the world. This program offers a set of courses, the majority of which include field pratica, in which students and lecturers will bring together different perspectives in order to generate research questions and propose innovative solutions to complex problems surrounding sustainability today.

This program is structured on the basis of four courses, all of which utilize the social and ecological environment of the Araucanía Region to provide students with the opportunity to understand sustainability challenges in southern Chile first hand.

Conservation of Forest Ecosystems and Wildlife
This course focuses on the natural history and ecology of forest biodiversity, and on the inextricable relationships between forests, wildlife, and people at the local, regional, and international scales.

Interculturality and Territory
This course will place students in the historical and cultural context of southern Chile, focusing on the concept of territory from a socio-cultural and political perspective, highlighting the history and culture of the Mapuche indigenous people.

Field Methods in Social-Ecological Systems
This course is an applied introduction to essential field methods for use in the increasingly interdisciplinary fields of social-ecological systems and environmental conservation.

Issues of Local Sustainability in a Global Age
This course takes place in the form of a workshop that involves deep reflection processes on the notion and praxis of local sustainability. The module enhances the student´s capacity to integrate social and ecological dimensions of knowledge with the theory and praxis of sustainability.

Students in this track will also take the Middlebury Writing and Culture course.