Emma Chang, Florence

Sarah Lawrence College

I have been so fortunate to spend a semester in Florence learning a new language. I was very nervous coming into the program, as I had never studied Italian before, but I have to say I was able to get a strong handle on the language within the first month. I enjoyed that most of the program was focused on becoming comfortable with speaking. After spending a day in the Sede, walking around the city always reminded me how incredible it was to study in such a culturally and architecturally stunning city. I currently feel extremely comfortable in my conversational skills in Italian. I am honestly surprised by how quickly I was able to learn so much grammar and vocabulary, and the fact that I can use all that I have learned in everyday conversations. The program is still growing and the group of students that I studied with was small, but I feel that this allowed me to get the individual attention I wanted.  Overall I would never change the fact that I came to Florence for my spring semester. I will cherish this experience and the friends and family I made forever.