Any event requested by an academic or administrative department or by a student organization must be sponsored by a recognized College organization. The sponsoring organization is responsible for:

  • Requesting through Event Management all Facilities, Catering, Media Services, and Public Safety services1 and equipment required to support the event.
  • Hiring and managing any and all contracted services required to support the event.
  • Ordering any specialized equipment not available through the above service providers.
  • Acting as the liaison between Event Management and any contracted services. Event Management does not work directly with independent event planners.
  • Designating an Event Host responsible for ensuring the event and attendees comply with Middlebury Handbook policies and all federal, state, and local laws and regulations. 
  • Providing crowd management when applicable.
  • All costs associated with the event.

Events of a private/personal nature and events that are not fully sponsored by a recognized organization are subject to the policies for non-college events.

1Event Management does not assist with ordering any print or digital materials.

Sponsoring Events for non-College Organizations

A recognized organization may sponsor conferences, retreats, or workshops in partnership with a non-college organization when the event directly supports the professional development of College employees or the academic enrichment of Middlebury students. 

  • The sponsor is subject to the same event sponsorship responsibilities and is required to be the liaison between Event Management and the non-college organization. 
  • Such events are subject to the availability of space and resources per the academic calendar and at the discretion of Event Management.
  • Based on the impact an event may have on space and service providers, in some situations, a facility fee may be assessed to defray costs associated with the event.

Organization Criteria

The criteria for sponsoring organizations:

  • An active student organization as recognized by Student Engagement;
  • An administrative department;
  • An academic department;
  • An academic program or thematic track recognized by the Registrar’s Office.

There are many projects and initiatives on campus that are not organizations but fall within the purview of a recognized organization. Events related to projects and initiatives will be listed in 25Live and the campus calendar as sponsored by the organization to which they belong.