Complete this process to request a new staff position in PeopleAdmin.

Only use this action if you are requesting to fill a position that does not currently exist. If you need to fill a replacement for a position that you cannot find in PeopleAdmin, please contact Human Resources at

You will need the following information to complete your request.

Position Assessment Form 

This is now built into the requisition process in PeopleAdmin and has been reduced to three questions:

  1. Please justify your request for replacing/requesting this new position. (Provide explanation of alternatives you have considered which may include: retraining/reassignment of duties to existing staff, redesign of work, student labor, outsourcing. Also provide any relevant data on staffing levels at other institutions.)
  2. How does this position contribute to departmental and institutional priorities and what would the impact be if this position were not filled?
  3. What is the impact on the budget of filling this position? Is this an allocation or reallocation of previously budgeted dollars or a new expense?

Additional Information

  • The EDORDA tied to this position
  • Search committee members that you would like to assign (these can also be assigned later)
  • Documents that you will want your applicants to upload (required and optional)
  • Questions that you may want to ask your applicants during the application process

If you do not have all of this information you can still start the action in PeopleAdmin. You will have the option to save your work in PeopleAdmin and return to complete it later.

Start Your Request

  • Log in to PeopleAdmin. Need help?
  • Select the Hiring Manager user group (this is the drop-down field below your name).
  • Navigate to the Position Management module by clicking on the three ellipses in the upper left-hand section of your screen and above the Middlebury logo. Select Position Description–Staff tab.
  • Click the orange Create New Position Description button on the upper right-hand section of your screen.
  • Enter the title of the new position that you are requesting. All other fields on this screen will be pre-filled with the campus, division and department information tied to your position.
  • You may also choose to clone an existing position if you know that the new request is very similar to an existing one. To do this select the job title that you wish to clone. If you click on the job title in blue you will be able to view the job details. The options that will be available to you are limited to jobs in your department.
  • Click the orange Start Action button.
  • On the Position Information page enter the specific information for this position. In regard to the Essential Functions field a job function is considered “essential” when performance of the function is the reason that the job exists. Click Next.
  • On the Supervisor page select the radio set next to the supervisor that should be linked to this position. Then click Next.
  • On the Requisition Information page enter the specific information for this requisition request. Please note that some fields are required, and some fields will not be enterable at this point (but are required for later steps in the approval process).
  • On the Position Documents field click the Actions drop down next to the organizational chart document type listing and upload or create the org chart that should be linked to this requisition. Click Next. (The Physical Demands document will be maintained by the Human Resources department.)
  • On the Supplemental Questions page, you can select and create questions that you would like the applicant to complete when they apply for this position. Please note that if you submit a new question it will be reviewed by the Human Resources department before it is approved. You can also designate whether applicants are required to answer the question. Click Next.
  • On the Applicant Document page, you can designate the documents that you want to allow and/or require applicants to upload when they apply to this posting. Click the check box in the Optional column to allow candidates to upload this document type. To require that a document type be uploaded you must click the toggle box in the Required column. For any documents you do not check optional or required, they will not be used and will not be an option to the applicant. Click Next.
  • At this point you will be taken to the Action Summary page where you can review all of the information that you just entered. If you neglected to complete any required fields there should be a red explanation mark next to that section. Click the Edit option next to that section to add information.
  • When you are ready to submit your requisition for approval click the orange Take Action on Action button on the upper right-hand section of your screen. The next step in the approval process is a review of your submitted job description, so select the JD Review (move to JD Review) action.
  • A Take Action dialog box will appear. Enter any comments that you would like to link to the requisition. This information will be saved in the req history so any approver can view this information. In addition, it will be brought to the JD Reviewer’s attention in an email message that is sent to this user type.
  • Click Submit.
  • Selecting the Add to Watch List? option will allow you to track the progress of this approval through your Watch List dialog box on the Home tab. We recommend that most users take advantage of this handy feature!