Workable is an applicant tracking system.
All staff, student, and The Middlebury Institute for International Studies at Monterey visiting faculty positions are posted on Workable.

Logging In to Workable

Navigate to your company’s Workable sign-in page. The address for this page is:

  • If you are already signed into your Single Sign-On (SSO) tool you’ll be redirected to your Workable dashboard immediately.
  • If you aren’t signed into your SSO tool you’ll be redirected to sign into it. Enter your SSO credentials and you’ll be successfully logged in to Workable and automatically redirected back to the Workable dashboard.

Alternatively, you can sign in by navigating to On the sign-in page, select “Sign in with Single Sign-On (SSO)”. You will be prompted to enter your account’s subdomain (middleburycollege). Submit the subdomain and you’ll be redirected to your SSO provider. Sign in and you’ll be automatically redirected to your Workable dashboard.

Workable Overview

Review the Using Workable PowerPoint by following this link: Using Workable Introduction PowerPoint

Staff/Adjunct Faculty Positions

Review the Workable Hiring Leader Playbook created for hiring leaders and search committee members by following this link: Hiring Leader Playbook

Student Positions

Student hiring process workflow: Student Hiring Process Workflow Diagram

Student hiring steps: Hiring Steps Walkthrough 

Review the Workable Student Hiring Leader Playbook created for student supervisors for a comprehensive step by step guide to using Workable and an explanation of Workable terms: Student Hiring Leader Playbook

How to Hire a Student in Workable:

  1. Open Workable
  2. In the Jobs section, you should see the student positions that are posted along with the number of individuals in each stage of the “pipeline.” A pipeline is used to track the stages of student hires (applied-interview-offer accepted-hire). 
  3. Click on the job title or the number in the “applied” category to open the position and see applications.
  4. Find the student you wish to hire.
  5. Scroll down on the “candidate profile” and enter the start date, time approver, and work location in the hiring details section of their profile. No other fields need to be completed for student hires.
  6. Use the green drop-down action on the top right of their candidate profile and choose to move the student to “student hired.”

Please do not move students to “hired” status as this will cause a delay in Oracle set up and the ability for students to begin working. Staffing Services will them complete the necessary details to set the individual up in the position in Oracle. As a reminder, student start dates can only be a future Monday. Students cannot begin working until they have been hired by Human Resources. All data is processed on Monday and access is given to Oracle by the subsequent Thursday.


Workable 101

  • Update/edit your profile, including your picture and name by following this link: Workable Profile
  • Follow this link to update your preferences (create custom email signature, choose how to receive notifications): Your Preferences
  • Favorite jobs for easier sorting and access to your open positions, learn more here: Organize and Filter to Job Dashboard
  • Click here to read: How do I disqualify or reject a candidate? 
  • Add search committee members (designated Workable role of ”reviewer”) to your job: contact your HR Business Partner to add search committee members to the position
  • Seeking quick feedback from search committee members? Read more about using the thumbs up/thumbs down feature to rate candidates: Reviewing and Evaluating Candidates
  • Emailing Candidates video (1 minute 45 seconds): Workable Emailing Candidates
  • Using Workable to schedule events:
  • Do you want to communicate with another team member about a candidate (e.g. add comments from an interview, request a compensation review to determine a salary offer, communicate offer accepted) ? Follow this link to read more about using internal comments: Adding Comments

How to Apply for Internal Only Positions

Positions that are posted as “Internal Use” means they are not published on our public-facing Careers Page. These positions are only open to current staff, faculty, or students to apply. To apply to an internal only position, follow these instructions: 

1. Log in to Workable**

2. Navigate to the Workable Referrals page from the top right menu

            **If you are not able to log in to Workable, follow this link to access Workable referrals:  

3. Filter by job type (staff, faculty, student) by using the “all departments” drop down menu on the top right to filter by type of employment.  

  • Alternatively, use the search bar on the top left to search for the position by name or position number. 

5. Find the posting you wish to apply to, hover your cursor over the title, and click “apply.”  

6. Complete your application.  

Workable “Deeper Dive” Resources