Unless restricted by certain visa status, all students with an active status for the semester are eligible for jobs on campus.  

Students on leave or withdrawn are not eligible to work in student employment positions until the semester in which they return. If you are currently withdrawn or on leave you are eligible to be employed in staff positions.

Some may be restricted due to financial aid status.  International students (non-resident aliens) may not work off campus unless they have applied for and received work authorization from the United States government. (An F-1 visa does not give work authorization.) Off campus work study positions are available only to U.S. citizens on financial aid with a federal work study component.

Student are not eligible to work remotely from International locations.

All students are required to complete an I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification form within three days of beginning work.

Students will receive an electronic I-9 invitation from HireRight once an offer has been submitted via Workable by the supervisor. You will need to have specific identification documents with you to meet section 2 criteria. We can not accept copies or photos.

This List of Acceptable Documents for I-9 (mandated by the Department of Homeland Security) is necessary to complete the I-9 form. Students cannot work or be paid until this paperwork has been completed; this only needs to be completed once as a student at Middlebury.

Some International students will complete an 8233 form through the Tax Office’s online program.

How to Apply for a Job

Jobs will be posted online through Workable. Use our Find A Job information to narrow your search down by on campus or off campus job opportunities. 

Hour Limitations

All student employees are limited to working no more than 20 hours per week (Monday-Sunday) in on-campus jobs during the academic year (this includes exam periods). The only exception is when there is a full week when school is not in session. Specifically: February recess, Spring recess, and full weeks of December or summer recess. During these time periods only, students can work up to 40 hours per week.

International Students

Visa restrictions prohibit international students from exceeding 20 hours of work per academic calendar week. For more information related to work restrictions please visit ISSS

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Once you are Hired

Find more information about next steps here.