I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification form

This form is completed via electronic invitation from HireRight. Students receive this after they have been hired.

W-4 Tax Withholding Allowance Certificate

Access to the W-4 Tax Withholding form is available via Oracle onboarding after the student has been processed into their position. Students must supply their tax information.

Performance Evaluation

The Performance Evaluation form includes information about evaluating student employees.

Confidentiality Agreement

Many student jobs on campus have access to confidential information. The student employees in these positions should sign a Confidentiality Agreement provided by their supervisor. Departments can create their own agreement following guidelines provided by the Student Employment Office.

Information Release and Waiver Agreement

In order for Middlebury to release employment information, the student employee must have a completed an Information Release and Waiver Agreement

To provide authorization for the release of your employment information: print the Information Release and Waiver Agreement and, once complete, submit the form to the Student Employment Office where it will be kept on file. It’s also recommended that your supervisor retain a copy. Without completion of this form no one from the College will be able to release any information on your employment except the title(s) you held and your dates of employment.

All requests to verify employment information should be directed to the Student Employment Office.

Retro Time Request Form

The Student Employee Retro Time Request form should be used to report any hours worked more than 14 days in the past that were not previously reported. If you have hours for more than one position to report, please submit a separate form for each position. Any hours worked up to 14 days in the past may still be recorded in your timecard by navigating to “Existing Timecards”, selecting “Add”, and selecting the correct date in the top left corner. If you have any questions, please email HR@middlebury.edu.