After extensive assessment, Information Technology Services (ITS) is making changes to printers around campus that will not only improve our ecological footprint and bring valuable service improvements, but will also adhere to the College’s request to reduce costs. The 317 managed printers currently in use on campus will be lowered to only 180 by year’s end, and will be further reduced to about 155 by the end of FY24, bringing a savings of approximately $350,000. We are also researching how this could look for the MIIS campus printing solutions using similar leases and models.

What Will the Printer Project Improve?

  • Flexibility:  Individuals may print or copy to any nearby machine on the new system.
  • Backup:  While waiting for machine repairs, users may easily print or copy elsewhere.
  • Budgets:  Departments will have reduced costs.
  • Confidentiality:  Print jobs will not be left unattended as they need to be released directly from the multi-function unit (MFU).
  • Additional printing options:  Many printers will be replaced by color machines. There is also an exciting new feature which lets you scan a QR code with your phone to release your print jobs.
  • Simplified use:  When office moves occur, the learning curve is quicker with fewer printer models in place.
  • Easier management:  ITS will have reduced need to move printers or MFUs around campus which means improved efficiency.  Machines will stay in the designated print locations; individuals will attach their devices to the printer at the new location.

Please note that not all equipment is due for replacement this year; refer to our list of printers to be replaced and the anticipated timeline.

Learning Resources

There are a number of resources to help you learn more about the printer consolidation project itself, as well as the details about how to use the new printing equipment.  You can easily find these again when needed using http://go/print2020/ to view the “What’s New in Printing” website.


  • User Quick Guide — explains basic use of the new printers/MFUs being installed and how to troubleshoot them
  • How to Install the MiddColor queue on Mac or Windows


Remember that the Helpdesk is available to assist if you have any questions.  You may also email Rick Ouellette at SymQuest ( to schedule an in-person tutorial.

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