Equipment Governance

Computing equipment is defined as any computer or tablet-like smart device.  All computing equipment purchased with Middlebury funds is property of Middlebury and should be acquired and managed by Information Technology Services (ITS), even when the equipment is not purchased with ITS funds.  All computing equipment should have an ITS provided “Property of Middlebury” sticker attached.

Device Management

ITS will use device management tools to configure, manage, and secure devices owned by Middlebury. 

ITS Provided Equipment

ITS provides and proactively upgrades the following categories of computers:

  • Full time faculty and staff computers
  • Classroom computers
  • Lab computers
  • Public computers

For new employees, ITS requests two weeks notice to prepare standard model equipment.

ITS will provide either a Windows or Mac laptop or desktop; refer to our standard models for current details.  Laptops are generally recommended.  If a user requires higher specifications than our standard model, their department is responsible for budgeting for the additional funds through the capital requests process.

Users are given necessary peripheral equipment during the computer deployment process.  ITS provides a single external monitor. Peripherals include external monitor, keyboard, mouse, display cables, dongles, etc. 

In the case of part-time or temporary positions, computers from our loaner pool may be used.

ITS will provide at least best-effort support to any computing equipment owned by Middlebury or used for Middlebury work.  However, ITS cannot guarantee support for devices outside of our standard recommended equipment. Please see support levels, below.

Replacement Cycle

ITS proactively replaces all ITS provided equipment every four to five years. 

  • Laptops are replaced after four years.
  • Lab and classroom desktops are replaced after four years.
  • Public and primary user desktops are replaced every five years.

Departmental Equipment

Computing equipment purchased with departmental funds must be managed by ITS and proactively replaced based on ITS replacement guidelines, above, to remain compliant and usable for work at Middlebury.  Support levels for departmental equipment match those of ITS funded equipment. For help with budgeting for computer replacement please contact ITS.

Peripheral computing equipment, other than what is included by ITS during the deployment process, must be purchased with departmental funds.  Refer to ITS recommended peripherals for purchase guidance — we can better support our recommended peripherals.

If departmental equipment is no longer needed for Middlebury work, it must be returned to ITS.

Support Levels

  • Level 1: Standard hardware, endorsed, full support: Standard models with standard configuration, from Lenovo or Apple. Full support with existing systems (faster delivery of the computer to the customer and faster installation of software), and hardware repairs can be done on-campus including in-warranty repair. In-warranty parts are available next-day. Out-of-warranty parts can often be obtained from common hardware in our current inventory.
  • Level 2: Non-standard hardware, endorsed, high support: Modified configurations or alternate models from Lenovo or Apple. Full support with existing systems, hardware repairs can be done on-campus including in-warranty repair. In-warranty parts are available next-day. Out-of-warranty parts have to be special-ordered and availability cannot be guaranteed.
  • Level 3: Non-standard hardware, not endorsed, best-effort support: Standard computer systems from vendors other than Apple or Lenovo. No automated configuration support, setup has to be done manually with best-effort turn-around. In-warranty hardware repairs need to be sent to manufacturer (may take two weeks or more). Out-of-warranty repairs done best-effort, parts availability cannot be guaranteed.
  • Level 4: Non-standard hardware, not endorsed, no support: Non-traditional devices or other hardware which ITS does not list as supported; would fall in the same support category as a personally owned computer.  Information about access to services is provided. The computer will still be inventoried as a Middlebury College Asset.  These would include items like the Microsoft Surface or HP models.

Computer Moves, Returns, and Disposal

Supervisors must notify ITS when an employee changes offices or departments.  Employees should move their primary computer to their new location. If a new computer is required due to a change in position, the hiring manager must go through the new employee computer request process.

With any employee departure, all computing equipment must be returned to ITS within twenty four hours of departure.  ITS will erase and re-deploy or donate devices based on the age of the device.

It is the responsibility of the hiring manager to return all computing equipment to ITS upon employee departure.   If a computer is not returned to ITS within ten days, the department may be charged for the replacement cost.

Device Repair

ITS allocates funds for repairing broken devices.  If you have a device which you believe needs repair, please contact us.

Information Technology Services
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