Information Technology Services wants our customers to know what they can expect from us.

We have developed a set of Service Level Agreements that define how we prioritize requests, and our response time guarantees for each Priority Level. We do not guarantee resolution times, because we cannot always know how long it will take to diagnose and resolve a problem. What we do guarantee is that we will keep you updated on our progress, and we will escalate your issue when too much time has gone by. When you have created a ticket in TeamDynamix, you can always check the status, but we also promise to provide regular updates. The response times in our Service Level Agreements are “no later than” time frames. Currently, we are responding earlier than those timeframes 90% of the time.

Priority 1 

Initial Response: Within 1 hour (whether or not it occurs during business hours)

Updates: Every hour until resolved

  • Affects a class in session or about to begin
  • All or a significant portion of Middlebury cannot communicate either via telephone or email
  • Financial systems are down  
  • An administrative or academic building loses network connectivity
  • There is a safety threat 
  • A critical service is down for many people

Priority 2

Initial Response: Within 4 hours

Updates: Every 8 hours until resolved

  • Service is down for a few people, but an important deadline is looming
  • Student(s) cannot easily do their academic work in locations other than the classroom
  • An individual charged with performing a critical portion of college business is unable to access a service

Priority 3

Initial Response: Within 2 business days

Updates: Every 3 business days until resolved

  • Requests for services and support that come through expected channels with expected response time expectations
  • Service is down for a few people with no important deadline looming
  • A portion of services is unavailable in a specific location unrelated to classroom instruction

Priority 4

Initial Response: Within 7 business days

Updates: Every 7 business days

  • One or more individuals are inconvenienced, but there is a workaround so that they can continue with their work.
  • Non-academic issue that is a direct result of a user not following documented advice and procedures
  • Request for services or support from a non-college group.

Information Technology Services
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