Version 2.2, May 1, 2024


The purpose of the MiddCams policy is to establish clear and appropriate guidelines for the operation of Middlebury-sanctioned Internet-connected video cameras, aka MiddCams.


All individuals on Middlebury’s Vermont and California campuses, including faculty, staff, students, and visitors.


This policy does not apply to security camera systems at Middlebury campuses; nor does it apply to cameras used for purposes other than the MiddCams (e.g., recording public performances or events, interviews, academic purposes including research, or cameras used for specialized observation such as of ATMs or construction equipment) or recordings made by individuals or authorities, including law enforcement authorities, other than Middlebury. 


Middlebury operates a small fleet of Internet-connected video cameras which are deployed to select locations on Middlebury campuses. These MiddCams deliver live video streams to Middlebury’s official YouTube channel. While the MiddCams are intended to share views of our campuses with the outside world, Middlebury recognizes the importance of adhering to best practices for personal privacy and safety. As such, the MiddCams have been implemented in accordance with the following guidelines.

Installation and Operation

  • Any requests for MiddCams, including the justification for the request, must be submitted to Information Technology Services (ITS). ITS will review all requests, proposals, and recommendations for MiddCam installations, the proposed locations, and related infrastructure needs. The VP for ITS (or chosen delegate) has the authority to approve, reject or modify the request.
  • ITS has responsibility to coordinate with Facilities, as well as other Middlebury officials identified herein, to effectively select, operate, manage, and monitor MiddCams pursuant to this Policy.
  • Middlebury College limits camera locations, positions and views of certain areas. MiddCams may only be placed in locations that do not compromise the safety, security and protection of the Middlebury community and property, and maintain individuals’ reasonable expectations of privacy. All MiddCams, including those in temporary locations, may only be installed with the advance approval of the VP for ITS (or chosen delegate).
  • MiddCams will not view private bedrooms, bathrooms, locker room dressing/shower areas, offices, classrooms not used as a lab, or areas through windows.  Moreover, no audio shall be recorded by MiddCams. 
  • MiddCam installations should be visible, wherever reasonably possible. 
  • MiddCams are installed and configured by ITS to prevent tampering or compromise. All MiddCams must connect to Middlebury’s network and be managed by ITS. 
  • ITS is responsible for maintaining a running inventory of all MiddCams and monitoring the functionality of the MiddCams. 

Security and Access to Information

  • The video feeds from the MiddCams are streamed in near-real-time to Middlebury’s official YouTube channel.
  • Only authorized Middlebury personnel, as determined by the VP for ITS, will be involved in, or have access to, MiddCams administration or the Middlebury YouTube channel administration.

Monitoring and Recording

  • Middlebury’s operation of MiddCams is limited to use consistent with professional practices for live-streaming scenic locations and any applicable legal requirements.
  • MiddCams live-stream to official Middlebury YouTube channels. ITS does not maintain recordings of the MiddCams.

Complaints or Violations

  • ITS is responsible for investigating any complaints or concerns regarding misuse of the MiddCams and determining if the policy is being followed. If a violation has occurred, the VP for ITS (or chosen delegate) will consult the General Counsel and/or Human Resources regarding an appropriate outcome.

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