Middlebury Accounts

In the format of username@middlebury.edu, your Middlebury account provides access to authorized services and resources, such as e-mail, the wireless network, cloud storage on Google and OneDrive, printing, software installations, BannerAdmin, Oracle, Zoom video conferencing, and more.  You should protect your account with a strong password and keep it safe, so it is known only to you.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is required for all Middlebury accounts to protect them and our network from potential compromise. 

Account Activation with Temporary Password

Please start the account activation process and follow the instructions to claim your account. You will need your full email address and the temporary password that was provided to you.

After specifying a new password, click Next on the More information required prompt to begin setup of multi-factor authentication (MFA).  Follow the on-screen prompts to add additional security verification options to protect your account. 

Refer to our MFA guide for additional help.

Note: We strongly recommend using the official and free Microsoft’s Authenticator app, particularly for international travelers.

Midd Account Creation Timelines

  • Middlebury College Undergraduate accounts are created on a rolling basis, within 3 business days of a paid deposit.
  • Middlebury Institute of International Studies (MIIS) accounts:
    • Fall and Spring accounts are created 200 days before the semester of entry.  For example, fall MIIS students will have their accounts generated starting Feb of that calendar year.
    • Summer accounts are created 90 days before the term begins.
  • Language Schools accounts are not created until April 1 or later.  Deposits paid after April 1 result in account creation within 48-72 hours.  (2024 note: accounts were started on March 22nd.)  DML student accounts are the exception; these accounts are not created until the start of the term for which the student is enrolled.
  • Middlebury faculty and staff accounts are created on a rolling basis, typically about 60 days ahead of the hire date. 

Midd Accounts: After You Leave

Middlebury accounts are active for only a limited period of time after you leave the College.  For details, refer to our Account Lifecycle Policy.

Important:  Although your Middlebury account remains active after your departure from the College, access to apps and services is impacted immediately upon your change in status. 

  • For students, this happens within just a few days after graduation.
  • For faculty and staff, this happens upon retirement or leaving the College. 

Please plan ahead and review these important details and tips.

Midd Account Password Reset or Change

Tips for Success

  • Always turn off all mobile devices (except one you may need for MFA) before you begin.  You’ll avoid account lockouts due to attempted connections using your old password.
  • Whenever practical, tackle password resets or changes while you are on the Middlebury College network.

I don’t know my password and need to reset it

In cases where the Midd password has been forgotten, faculty, staff, and students ALL use this link to reset their password.

I know my password and want to change it

For Faculty & Staff using a college-issued computer ON the campus network:

The preferred method for a password change when you know your current password is to use your computer’s operating system, as follows:

  • For Windows, press Ctrl + Alt + Delete, then choose “Change a Password.”
  • For MacOS, open Systems Preferences, then Users & Groups. Select your user account, then click the Change Password… button.

Note: If you have multiple computers, we recommended using your macOS computer to change your password.

For all Students; also Faculty & Staff who are either OFF-campus or NOT using a college-issued computer:

  • Change your Midd password using this website.
  • Once you return to campus it may be necessary to restart your computer connected to a network to update computer password. macOS will require a wireless password be updated.

Oracle and Blackbaud Accounts

Oracle and Blackbaud accounts are provided by the Green Mountain Higher Education Consortium (GMHEC) rather than Middlebury. 

Oracle Account Availability: 

  • Oracle accounts are available for limited use prior to an employee’s official start date so select on-boarding tasks can be completed, such as required training and entering contact information.  Direct deposit and W-4 access is not available until the official start date.
  • Accounts become inactive immediately upon date of termination so it is important to take care any Oracle-related tasks beforehand (such as processing approvals, submitting expense reports, etc.).

Password Resets for Other Middlebury Accounts

Password Policy and Guidelines

For more information, refer to our password policy, including pointers about how to create strong passwords.

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