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There are many ways you can obtain technology help. 

Please see our current hours, subject to change.  Services are available in-person, via Zoom, and through our Client Portal. 

Frequently Asked Questions


To change or reset your Middlebury account password, refer to Midd Account Password Reset or Change instructions on our Accounts and Passwords website.


Contact the Middlebury Helpdesk for assistance using any of the methods listed.


For College-owned computers, refer to:

For personally-owned computers, refer to mobility print instructions for your location: 


The college provides cloud storage space for all its users—faculty, staff, and students—for file storage.


The first step is to try to remove the threat from your computer. All college-owned computers should have Sophos AntiVirus already installed for threat removal.

If running a scan with Sophos (or similar anti-virus software) and removing appropriate threats does not resolve the issue, contact us to take the next step.


Never respond to emails asking for personal information such as passwords. The College will never ask for this type of information in an email.

While the College does have spam filters, some phishing expeditions can still reach your inbox. If you receive a suspected phishing email, please forward it to  Refer to Information Security’s phishing website to learn more.

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