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Davis Family Library: 7:30am - 12am
Armstrong Science Library: 7:45am - 10pm

Middlebury College groups and offices are encouraged to present displays of library materials or other pertinent content to coincide with current events on campus or in the world at large. Students may also present displays related to their academic work. Displays are most often held in the atrium of the Davis Family Library, though there are other available locations.

Planning Checklist

  1. Plan: Create a detailed plan for your display.
    • What materials will you need? You may want to consult a librarian to inquire about which library materials are most appropriate for your display.
    • Gather things like poster board and images for signage. (Be sure that you have the legal right to copy anything like images, text, video clips, etc. that you copy to create your display.)
    • If your display is related to an upcoming event, consider including information referring to the display in the promotional materials for the event. It’s a good idea to put a large title on your display so people can tell at a glance its topic.
    • Each display should indicate who presented it and include contact information that can be used if viewers have questions or comments.
  2. Review the General Conduct Standards and Community Standards for displays.
  3. Fill out the Davis Family Library Atrium Display Request form to submit your proposal and reserve the space.
  4. Select library materials: If you are using library materials in your display, gather the materials from the shelves and give them to the Circulation Desk to change the status of the materials so library users will be able to locate them.
  5. Installation: Take all materials and mount your display. Please bring all tools and supplies (tape, scissors, etc.) you will need to complete your work with you. Schedule a time with Media Services through the Technology Helpdesk to install any media equipment. If a computer is part of your display, remember to put a sign on or near it that explains to people what they should do to see whatever it is you’re showing.
  6. Removal: when your display is scheduled to end (usually at noon on Monday), take it down and return all library materials to the Circulation Desk. The library will dispose of abandoned displays.
Submit Atrium Display Proposal

Additional Locations in the Davis Family Library

Library Vestibule

Space for “tabling” (staffing a table to sell or distribute something) is available in the Vestibule between the two sets of exterior doors at the front of the library, by the café. The Vestibule is scheduled through the Events Scheduling Office.

Student groups that want to sell or distribute anything must first apply to the Center for Campus Activities & Leadership (CCAL) for a vending permit. No homemade food products may be distributed without consent from the manager of Dining Services.

Upper Level Exhibit Cases

The Upper Level Exhibit Cases are available for longer displays—as long as a semester. These include four locked display cases with two middle sections of open shelves on the upper level. Contact Circulation Services to learn more at

The locked glass cases in the Library Atrium on the Main Level are used exclusively by Special Collections and Archives to exhibit their collections. Email Special Collections with questions or ideas for collaboration at


Mac computer with headphones:

You are responsible for checking out the computer and maintaining your display. Consultants at the Helpdesk Walk-in can help with changing settings on the Mac as needed.

Best practices:

  • Put a sign on the computer itself telling people what they should do to use the display (i.e. “Click to watch one of the videos!”). 
  • If you are displaying a web page, make that page the homepage on all browsers so it appears when a browser is opened. 
  • Loop video or presentations so that they play continuously