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    March 29 Letter to the Community from President Patton

    | by Laurie Patton

    As we wind down spring break and head into the second half of a semester in which we are trying something completely new, we thought it was a good time to share an overview of our work with the entire community. My guess is that in your reading about the COVID-19 pandemic, many of you have come across the phrase “social distancing does not mean social isolation.” This past week has brought us a number of ways in which we are trying to realize that statement. I believe we are doing it with the values and dispositions that I have come to think of as distinctly Middlebury: integrity, rigor, connectedness, curiosity, and openness.

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    Essential Employees Update Regarding New Executive Order

    | by Karen Miller and David Provost

    As you may know, late this afternoon Governor Scott issued a new Executive Order titled “Stay Home/Stay Safe” that will take effect at 5:00 pm tomorrow, Wednesday, March 25. The order states that many Vermont businesses must suspend in-person business operations, except for “businesses and entities providing services or functions deemed critical to public health and safety.”

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    Faculty Update: Logistics for Spring Teaching

    | by Jeff Cason and Sujata Moorti

    It feels like we have been managing the issues connected to the COVID-19 pandemic for months, and to some degree we have been. But our challenges accelerated 13 days ago when we decided to start spring break early and make plans to teach remotely. We know all of you have been scrambling to figure out how to teach remotely. Thank you for these efforts, which have required you to completely rethink how you have done your job for a year, or how you have done it for years or decades. This has been challenging for all of us.

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    Temporary Hiring Freeze

    | by Karen Miller

    We continue to process the impacts of social distancing on our operations. Our recent decisions mean that many individuals are now working remotely, and others, while working on campus, are working in new ways that further social distancing. In light of these changes and given our intent to ensure pay continuity for our existing staff for as long as possible, we do not believe this is the time to add new employees to our workforce.

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    March 21 Letter to the Middlebury Community from President Patton

    | by Laurie Patton

    We are isolated now. The Vermont campus is emptier than it was. As I got out of my car on Tuesday to retrieve things from my office, I heard bells. Bells? The Carillon? I thought there must be something happening at Mead. But no, there couldn’t be. And then I realized: George Matthew is playing to inspire us, to orient us, to keep us together. Indeed, nothing was happening at Mead Chapel. And yet everything was.

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    Access to College Buildings

    | by Lisa Burchard

    We have received questions about access to campus buildings following Wednesday’s “workplace” memo requiring employees who are able to work remotely to do so. Faculty and staff should not come back to campus or to their office buildings unless they have a need to briefly return to gather materials or to prepare for remote learning activities. Staff who are considered “essential” employees with an on-campus role can and should be on campus.

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    Course Schedule Starting March 30 (For Faculty)

    | by Suzanne Gurland, Jeff Cason, and Sujata Moorti

    Dear Faculty Colleagues, as promised, we are writing with specific information regarding the scheduling of classes once they resume on March 30. Before stating the resolution of our deliberations, we would like to explain the relevant context. We have decided on our way forward after significant consultation, with department chairs and program directors and with the academic continuity group. We recognize that there is no ideal solution to our upcoming schedule, but we have tried to come to the best available solution.

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    Positive COVID-19 Test in Addison County

    | by David Provost and Mark Peluso

    Today, Porter Medical Center announced that an individual in Addison County has tested positive for the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. It is our understanding that the individual was tested by Porter’s drive-through service after being screened via telemedicine. The patient is receiving care, following CDC guidelines, and self-isolating at home. We ask all community members to respect the individual’s privacy and avoid speculation and rumor as to their identity.