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    Statement from President Laurie Patton

    | by Laurie L Patton

    I have just listened to a recent interview with Albert Camus’s daughter, Catherine Camus. She reports that she only started to read and understand the implications of her father’s classic work, The Plague, after he had died in a car accident. Written from the perspective of a doctor in a small town, The Plague portrays how the pestilence strips away the relentless focus on material wealth and success and lays bare what really matters: human relationships, care, connection. Like many of us who have recently returned to that classic, Catherine Camus was struck by its relevance today. Anything can become the plague, she observed. Anything can prevent us from being open to the deeper realities of life. 

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    Working Remotely

    | by Jeff Cason and Karen Miller

    We are writing to you today about Middlebury’s policies for work at any Middlebury location, in order to comply with local executive orders. Our first priority is the safety of all our employees.

  3. Faculty

    Summer Research and Internships

    | by Jeff Cason and Sujata Moorti

    We wanted to update you on some decisions regarding summer activities on campus, as we know that students are concerned about making their summer plans and that faculty are also in the process of planning for the summer, as we head into this unusual summer for all of us.

  4. FacultyStaff

    New Website for Temporary Remote Work

    | by Karen Miller

    I want to invite you to visit a new Middlebury website we’ve created to support those of you who have transitioned to temporary remote work. The site includes a variety of links and articles as well as free online training classes and workshops you might find helpful. We’ve also consolidated much of our Covid-related policy information into one area so you can easily find answers to your questions.

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    Guidance on Returning to Work on Campus

    | by Jeff Cason, Karen Miller, and Mark Peluso

    It is understandable that you may be eager to get back to work on campus. All of us would like this to happen but for the sake of everyone’s health and safety, if you have been working from home, please continue to do so until you have permission to return. Human Resources will coordinate with supervisors to plan a transition back to campus, and supervisors will continue to communicate directly with staff. 

  6. FacultyStaff

    Financial Update from President Laurie Patton and EVP David Provost

    | by Laurie Patton and David Provost

    We write now with a small view into our financial future. Before we do, we thought it worth reminding you of our current fiscal state. In an earlier note we described how we are projecting a $13.0 million deficit for this year ending June 30, 2020, having been hit hard by the stock market downturn and a number of other factors. These include our obligation to refund unused room and board for undergraduates as well as fees from Study Abroad students, expected shortfalls in philanthropy, and lost revenue from auxiliary sources like the ski areas and bookstore as they needed to close early.