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    Pandemic—About Seniors

    | by Laurie Patton

    These past weeks, seniors have been on my mind. Many have written to me with news of their alternative plans on the April occasions where they usually gather—Earth Day, Passover, Easter, or the celebration of spring. (Thank you for writing and keep doing so!) I also spoke with one senior, Kenshin Cho, about his experience of “alternative” life on Middlebury’s campus in this extraordinary time. Kenshin is the Student Government Association treasurer, and we discussed the SGA’s inspired decision to donate the remainder of its funds this year to help with our efforts towards wage continuity. You can see and hear our conversation here.

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    Memo to the Middlebury Institute Regarding Pass/Fail

    As we work to ensure academic continuity in this period of great disruption, we strive to be as adaptable and responsive as possible. In considering changes to our grading policies for the spring semester, we started out by surveying the community so we could understand your perspectives on the issue. More than 500 of you shared your thoughts. We thank you and want to say, we heard yo

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    Spring Commencement at the Middlebury Institute

    | by Jeff Dayton-Johnson

    As we all do our part to help limit the spread of COVID-19, it has become increasingly clear that our spring Commencement celebration cannot take place as planned, in-person, on Saturday, May 16. Our celebrations will instead be adapted to be a series of virtual events. We would also like to invite all members of the spring 2020 graduating class, and their families, to participate in a future ceremony of their choice. At any future ceremony in which 2020 graduates participate, they will be celebrated and recognized as members of this class.

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    Temporary Hiring Freeze

    | by Karen Miller

    We continue to process the impacts of social distancing on our operations. Our recent decisions mean that many individuals are now working remotely, and others, while working on campus, are working in new ways that further social distancing. In light of these changes and given our intent to ensure pay continuity for our existing staff for as long as possible, we do not believe this is the time to add new employees to our workforce.

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    Pandemic—And Sense of Place

    | by Laurie Patton

    We are isolated now. The Vermont campus is emptier than it was. As I got out of my car on Tuesday to retrieve things from my office, I heard bells. Bells? The Carillon? I thought there must be something happening at Mead. But no, there couldn’t be. And then I realized: George Matthew is playing to inspire us, to orient us, to keep us together. Indeed, nothing was happening at Mead Chapel. And yet everything was.