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    Temporary Hiring Freeze

    | by Karen Miller

    We continue to process the impacts of social distancing on our operations. Our recent decisions mean that many individuals are now working remotely, and others, while working on campus, are working in new ways that further social distancing. In light of these changes and given our intent to ensure pay continuity for our existing staff for as long as possible, we do not believe this is the time to add new employees to our workforce.

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    March 21 Letter to the Middlebury Community from President Patton

    | by Laurie Patton

    We are isolated now. The Vermont campus is emptier than it was. As I got out of my car on Tuesday to retrieve things from my office, I heard bells. Bells? The Carillon? I thought there must be something happening at Mead. But no, there couldn’t be. And then I realized: George Matthew is playing to inspire us, to orient us, to keep us together. Indeed, nothing was happening at Mead Chapel. And yet everything was.

  3. Middlebury Institute

    Student Update on Remote Instruction

    | by Jeff Dayton-Johnson

    Next Monday, we resume instruction at MIIS. We expect this to be a stimulating and most welcome return to our fundamental mission, for students and faculty alike. But it will be anything but business as usual. I’d like to share a few observations about how we’re approaching the weeks ahead.

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    Important Announcement for Students

    | by Jeff Dayton-Johnson

    Dear Middlebury Institute Students, we have decided we need to move quickly to a mandatory remote work model on the MIIS campus—beginning today, Tuesday, March 17. Staff and faculty have been asked, if able, to come to the office today to collect necessary equipment for remote work and make arrangements with supervisors. All graduate assistants and graduate research assistants who will be working remotely during this period of closure should make necessary arrangements and plans with their supervisors today, if they have not done so already.

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    Faculty COVID-19 Update

    | by Jeff Dayton-Johnson

    Dear Institute Faculty:  Effective at 5PM today, Tuesday, March 17, the Institute will be closed indefinitely, due to the likelihood of a “shelter in place” order by Monterey County.  All but a few “essential” employees will be required to work remotely.