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  1. Schools Abroad

    Update on Grading Policy for Study Abroad Students, Spring 2020

    | by Carlos Vélez

    Last Friday, Middlebury faculty voted to implement a Credit/No-Credit grading system at the undergraduate College for the current spring semester. This was done in recognition of the impact of the pandemic on our students and faculty. In consultation with the Office of the Provost and the Office of the Registrar, we have decided that the optional Credit/No-Credit grading will also apply to all students attending the Middlebury Schools Abroad as well as to Middlebury students participating in externally-sponsored programs. The Pass/D/Fail option in place will no longer be available.

  2. Schools Abroad

    Fall Study Abroad: Registration and Housing Updates

    | by Carlos Vélez

    We are writing to give you some guidance about registration and housing for the fall 2020 semester. As recently announced by Professor Suzanne Gurland, Dean of Curriculum, and Jen Thompson, Registrar, the College is delaying fall registration until mid-summerYou also heard from the Residence Life Office earlier this month that room draw for the fall semester has also been delayed. 

  3. Schools Abroad

    Pass/D/Fail Options for Schools Abroad Students

    | by Carlos Vélez

    Last night Middlebury undergraduates received a message from the Office of the Provost titled “Middlebury’s Academic Program.” Among other things, the message indicated that considering current circumstances, Middlebury students will have the option to take their courses Pass/D/Fail this spring semester.

  4. Schools Abroad

    Latin America and Cameroon Update

    | by Carlos Vélez

    I am writing to follow up on the email I sent to all Schools Abroad students yesterday. When the message was sent, we were waiting to make a decision about the continuation of the Schools Abroad in Latin America (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay) and Cameroon.

  5. Schools Abroad

    March 12 Update for Schools Abroad Students

    | by Carlos Vélez

    I write to you with the disappointing, yet not unexpected news that, effective immediately, the Schools Abroad in France, Germany, Spain, Russia, Morocco, Japan, Jordan, and India are suspending in-country activity.  We are still in discussion about plans for the Schools in Latin America and Cameroon.

  6. Schools Abroad

    Important Update about School in Italy

    | by Carlos Vélez

    Given the latest reports concerning the coronavirus, I’ve just sent the following communication to students enrolled in our School in Italy. We’ve also forwarded the letter to parents. We’ll keep you up to date on our decisions as situations continue to unfold. The letter will also be posted to our Resources page.