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    Statement from President Laurie Patton

    | by Laurie L Patton

    I have just listened to a recent interview with Albert Camus’s daughter, Catherine Camus. She reports that she only started to read and understand the implications of her father’s classic work, The Plague, after he had died in a car accident. Written from the perspective of a doctor in a small town, The Plague portrays how the pestilence strips away the relentless focus on material wealth and success and lays bare what really matters: human relationships, care, connection. Like many of us who have recently returned to that classic, Catherine Camus was struck by its relevance today. Anything can become the plague, she observed. Anything can prevent us from being open to the deeper realities of life. 

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    Update on the End of the Semester

    | by Baishakhi Taylor

    I hope you’re well and have been finding ways to get the most from the semester in this extraordinary time. The Student Life team and I know it hasn’t been easy, and we admire the way you’ve navigated difficult terrain. We appreciate all you’re doing to stay healthy and mindful of the well-being of the whole Midd community.

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    Update on Grading Policy

    | by Jeff Cason, Sujata Moorti, and Suzanne Gurland

    We write to update you on the status of the College’s grading policy for this semester. This morning, the faculty voted in favor of an Opt-In Credit/No-Credit, course-by-course system. For spring 2020 only, you will have the option to take as many of your current courses as you wish on a Credit/No-Credit basis. If you don’t choose Credit/No-Credit for a particular course, that course will remain letter-graded. You have until May 8 to invoke Credit/No-Credit for any of your courses, using an electronic form provided by the Registrar’s Office. You will have a window of time from May 9 to May 19 in which you may revoke any Credit/No-Credit decisions. There will be a notation on the spring 2020 section of all transcripts conveying to outside audiences that a “Credit” should be interpreted as a reasonable response to these extraordinary circumstances, and not as indicating diminished rigor.

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    Summer Academic Programs—Oxford

    | by Guy Perry and Carlos Vélez

    We know that you’re all following the news about coronavirus and public health around the world. Most of you are likely away from your campus communities for the remainder of the semester, and all of us are wondering when life will return to normal.