| by Karen Miller


Dear Middlebury Staff:

As we continue to navigate the rapidly changing situation around Coronavirus, I wanted to reach out to you again with an update about our work as we plan for the temporary suspension of classes and regular activities, from March 13.

  • For staff, we expect normal operations for the next two weeks as we assist students in moving off campus, engage in deep-cleaning activities around campus, and plan for remote learning to commence on March 30. 
  • We are receiving student requests for exceptions and expect to have a few hundred students needing to stay on campus, both during spring break and through our temporary suspension. 
  • We are working on a set of Frequently Asked Questions specifically for staff, which we will share as soon as possible. If you have questions for consideration for the staff FAQ, please send them to vphr@middlebury.edu. General FAQs for Middlebury may also be helpful to you and can be found here.
  • Protocols for staffing are being developed in the event of changing presence of the virus, and we will share this information as soon as we can.
  • For now, we are reiterating that work is proceeding as usual and employees should report for work as you normally do.
  • We are working on sending you guidance on when and how requests for remote work may be accommodated, particularly for staff with underlying health conditions. This may change as the disease spreads, so please check regularly for updates on our coronavirus page, here.


I want to close by thanking you for your extraordinary efforts in supporting students, faculty, and other staff at this difficult time. 

With gratitude,


Karen L. Miller
Vice President for Human Resources and Chief Risk Officer