| by Baishakhi Taylor


Dear Students Currently on Campus,

I hope you’re well and have been finding ways to get the most from the semester in this extraordinary time. The Student Life team and I know it hasn’t been easy, and we admire the way you’ve navigated difficult terrain. We appreciate all you’re doing to stay healthy and mindful of the well-being of the whole Midd community.

I’m writing to share news about the summer and recognize that it might be difficult for some of you to hear. But I want to tell you as early as possible.

Because of current circumstances, we won’t be able to accommodate students on campus this summer. At this time, there are no plans for in-person faculty/student research, internships, or employment opportunities. However, we’re looking into ways we might conduct some of those activities remotely, and will have more information for you this Friday, May 15.

The last day we’ll be able to house you on campus is May 31. That’s three weeks away, and nearly two weeks after exams have been completed. We made the decision in close consultation with the Senior Leadership Group, our college physician, and colleagues in the ISSS office after considering the many variables involved in Middlebury’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We’re here to support you through this transition.

We’re also prepared, in cases of exceptional personal circumstances, to approve requests to remain on campus.

To start, we want to provide you with the following information.

Questions and Requests

Please direct questions and requests to your Commons Dean or the ISSS staff.

Travel Assistance

If traveling home (or elsewhere) presents a significant financial hardship, you may request support for travel expenses and arrangements. Requests should be made through your Commons Dean.

International Travel

We understand that, because of travel restrictions, travel outside the United States may not be possible for some of you. In such cases, you’ll need to consider alternatives for where you can stay, and please check in with your Commons Dean and the ISSS team, too, so we can help you.

Students Awaiting Optional Practical Training (OPT) Approval

We understand your unique circumstances and we’re ready to assist. Please consult with the ISSS team about support possibilities during this transition period.


Seniors, please take all of your belongings with you. For those of you who plan to return in the fall—which depends, of course, on what Middlebury’s fall operations look like—please take any essentials you’ll need over the summer. Carefully pack, label, and leave your other belongings in your rooms. We’ll provide you with the supplies you need to do that. (As we’ve written earlier, Middlebury College will announce its decision about the fall semester on June 22.)

We hope that having this information now will allow you sufficient time to plan. We know you’ll have questions and concerns related to your individual circumstances. And we understand that for some, departure may be especially difficult. Please contact your Commons Dean as early as possible to discuss your situation so we can explore options with you.


With appreciation,

Baishakhi Taylor
Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students