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Classes for Fall 2023

  • EDST 0111 Unlearning Colonial Habits In this course we will explore habits of knowing and being (epistemologies and ontologies) that are legacies of settler colonialism and examine whether “unlearning” such habits expands the possibilities of a liberal arts education. (This is a half credit course) (J. Miller-Lane)
  • FYSE 1038 Mindfulness in Education: Radical, Holistic Models of Learning What is mindfulness? And how is it useful in reframing approaches to education for engaged, critical learning? In this course we will explore the impact of contemplative practices in education, considering such questions as: what is learning and how does divergent or mindful thinking influence how we learn? (M. Hammerle)
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Spaces on Campus

Designated Meditation Spaces


  • Intentional Living House (Meeker) 
  • Interfaith House (Porter)
  • Wellness House (Homestead) 


Community Spaces (Groups & Clubs)

College-Supported Programs

Class List

Note that these classes are listed as containing a mindfulness component for a multitude of reasons. Remember too that every professor may teach the same class with a different perspective.  Some educators use contemplative pedagogy, others may not.  Some have exposure to mindfulness-based trainings, others may not.  Each professor has an equally valuable way into the class material. Similarly, some classes have an academic approach to understanding mindfulness whereas others may use an embodied approach. 

  • ARDV 0116 The Creative Process
  • DANC 1014 Yoga Practice/Philosophy
  • DANC 0261 Improvisational Practices
  • DANC 0461 Advanced Improvisation
  • EDST 0125 Introduction to Mindfulness
  • EDST 1125 Introduction to Meditation
  • EDST 0237 Educational Psychology
  • EDST 0210 Sophomore Seminar/Liberal Arts
  • EDST 1006 Contemplative Education: The Art and Science of Mindful Learning 
  • ENVS 0215 Contested Grounds   
  • EDST 1009 Social Justice and Evo Spirituality
  • ENVS 0349 Social Environment Justice      
  • ENVS 0332 The Perennial Turn
  • ENVS 0395 / RELI 0395 - Religion, Ecology, and Justice  
  • ENVS 0401 Community-Engaged Practicum      
  • ENVS 1047 Contemplative Practice for Social Change
  • INTD 1197 Love in Action
  • PHIL 0252 Philosophy of Mind
  • PHIL 0360 Consciousness
  • PSYC 0205 Emotions
  • PSYC 0209 Religion and Science: Mindfulness and Modern Psychology
  • PSYC 0320 Social and Emotional Development  
  • PSYC 0360 Positive Leadership
  • PSYC 0436 Positive Psychology
  • RELI 0121 Buddhist Traditions In India/Southeast Asia
  • RELI 0210 Mindfulness: Buddhism and Science
  • RELI/PHIL 0320 Seminar in Buddhist Philosophy


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Highlighted Student Work

Contemplative Studies Independent Major 

Zoya Kobets ‘24
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Senior Thesis on Mindfulness and Environmental Policy 

Chima Dimgba ‘21
Conclusion and Discussion of her findings: /media/11176

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