A research assistant helps a professor compile and organize data.

Each year, in departments across campus, Middlebury students and faculty work together to produce original research, furthering faculty scholarship and deepening student engagement and learning.

Hiring a Research Assistant

See updates and details for hiring in the Fall 2023 RA Hiring Guidance.

For summer updates see Setting Up a Summer Research Assistant.

Research assistants working during the academic year are paid, receive course credit or are volunteers. During the summer, research assistants are either paid or volunteer. Course credit is not available. Paid or unpaid, a research assistant is a formal relationship with responsibilities for both the faculty and the student. 

Funding for paid positions is available through individual faculty. Students must contact faculty to arrange a position.

Academic Year Research Assistants Funding Sources

Summer Research Assistants Funding Sources

Middlebury supports a Summer Research Program each year with over 130 research assistants working with faculty across disciplines.

  • Faculty can apply for funding through the Summer Research Funds. A request for proposals goes out to faculty in February with an early March deadline.
  • All summer research assistant  positions (regardless of funding source) need to follow the Summer Research Assistant Policies and be approved by Undergraduate Research by submitting an SRA form. If a position does not fit the policies, the student may still be able to be hired through student employment as an employee.

See Setting Up a Summer Research Assistant for more details.